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Safety at work.

Industrial Athletes Flex Sensor Straps
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Every hour, an average of 38,812 occupational injuries occur worldwide. These Industrial Athletes™ are real people with families and livelihoods to protect.
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The vast majority of their injuries could have been prevented.
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This is why
StrongArm exists.

Injury Reduction

Our safety wearables prevent costly injuries before they happen by as much as 52%.
Warehouse Workers Moving BoxesWorkplace Injuries Chart

Proactive Intervention

Custom safety reports give you tangible insights into your people and facility.

Actionable Data

A constant flow of real-world safety data
provides the benchmark you need to manage effectively and keep your people safe.

Risk Management

Our data can unlock small operational adjustments that can have a major impact on your workers’ safety.
Industrial Workers In Warehouse

Return on Investment

We’re deployed across Fortune 100 companies and tens of thousands of Industrial Athletes globally, consistently delivering ROI of 250% or more.

Behavior Change

Real-time safety alerts elevate risk awareness across your facilities quickly and efficiently, setting the groundwork for an enduring safety culture.
Warehouse Workers Walking Together With Flex Sensor On

Insurance Impact

Our safety platform and proprietary algorithm supports insurance carriers and brokers in selecting and pricing risk and underwriting programs in today's evolving landscape.
Traditional Program Vs. StrongArm Pie Charts

Made Safer by StrongArm

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