April 26, 2021

Name: Andrej Dukalev
Title: Associate Product Manager
Department: Product

Past Work Experience

"From Defence Contracting to Consumer Packaged Goods! I worked at General Dynamics where I was a systems engineer working on the Virginia Class submarine holding a secret clearance and delivering a multi billion dollar product. After that I switched to CPG, working at Duracell working as a product manager helping to drive marketing, product and innovation. Next chapter is StrongArm, a technology forward startup."

Top reasons he's excited about working at StrongArm

"Proud, Protected, Productive! I am excited to work for StrongArm Tech because my family has a strong lineage of Industrial Athletes. I truly believe that StrongArm Tech improves the lives of Industrial Athletes and provides value to everyone involved."

One thing he's proud to have accomplished at StrongArm

"Having the voice of the customer be heard on the technical side.The system has gained a tremendous amount of stability and usability after joining StrongArm so that the end user has a more seamless experience."

Fun fact about Andrej

"I have never had a twinkie in my life! I have ran a marathon once in my life and I would like to keep it to that."

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