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Executive Director, Operations
November 4, 2020

Name: Berit Pearcy
Title: Director
Department: Operations

Past work experience

Berit spent her first three years out of college working as an engineer for ExxonMobil in Sakhalin, Russia. She then expanded past engineering with an MBA from Harvard Business School. After getting her MBA she spent a year and a half at a seed stage tech company running their finance, growth, and operations before getting the opportunity to join StrongArm as Director of Operations.

Why she's excited about joining StrongArm

"My passion for the industrial athlete started in my three years working on an oil rig. I saw first hand the impact on workers from years of injuries, younger workers repeating those same injuries, and the lack of reporting and data available that perpetuated the cycle. I’m excited to join SAT and be a part of the solution to ending the cycle."

Fun facts about Berit

  • Working overseas gave her a lot of opportunities to travel early in life
  • She has traveled to over 35+ countries to date, and some of her favorite places include Bai Xep, Vietnam, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Santa Marta, Colombia

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