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May 4, 2021

Name: Bhushan Parab
Title: Technician
Department: Embedded

Past Work Experience

"Research Assistant at AHHA LAB - UMass Amherst. My project was to design a wearable device to transfer power through human skin."

Top reasons he's excited about working at StrongArm

“The term Industrial Athlete™ which StrongArm Tech uses caught my attention. It got me thinking about the Manual laborers who work in tough environments. By working with StrongArm Tech I feel I'm a part of a change to create safety products for imperfect working conditions. StrongArm technologies vision of integrating Innovation with safety excites me the most about joining the team.”

One thing he's proud to have accomplished at StrongArm

"I am most proud of the way I was able to organize members from other teams to perform Wider testing. This also gives me an opportunity to interact with members from different backgrounds and work closely with them."

Fun fact about Bhushan

"I enjoy hiking and have completed a few Himalayan treks which are at around 15,000ft altitude. I'm also an avid photographer and like to edit photos in my free time."

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