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Director, Insurance Strategy
October 23, 2020

Name: Mike Kyrilis
Title: Director, Insurance, ARM
Department: Client

Past work experience

Mike joined StrongArm after spending 9 years with Travelers Insurance performing EHS consulting and Insurance Program Auditing. He developed core principles of using risk data to build behavioral safety programs and was critical in driving the client service model evolution for Risk Control.

Why he's excited about joining StrongArm

"At StrongArm, we are working on the edge of innovation, providing safety technology to an underserved industrial market. As a Risk Management professional, I am thrilled to work for a company that is consistently pushing the boundaries of injury reduction possibilities with safety technology. The culture that Sean and Matt have created at StrongArm, fosters a freedom to innovate which is demonstrated daily by what we deliver to clients."

Fun facts about Mike

Despite being a risk management professional, Mike has a high tolerance for risk. He grew up canoeing the Canadian Boundary Waters and Rafting the Montana Rivers; now he spends his time ‘hiking’ golf courses or on trail runs with his dog Frank in the North Carolina Woods.

Want to connect with Mike? Reach out: | Want to read his latest piece in CIO Magazine? Click HERE.