May 4, 2021

Name: Paige Gill
Title: Associate Product Manager
Department: Product Management

Past Work Experience

  • Product Development, Procurement, and Costing for Consumer Goods (ranging from luxury jewelry to home products)

Top reasons she's excited about working at StrongArm

“I believe in the product and the problem we strive to change, helping make every Industrial Athlete™ safe. Equally important are the people who make it all happen. Everyone is so motivated and eager to make an impact. Everyday is a challenge, but I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many motivated individuals wanting to take on that challenge together.”

One thing she's proud to have accomplished at StrongArm

"I joined StrongArm with a background of zero technology or hardware experience. I knew from the start that I wanted to be a Product Manager. I’m excited to say after 7 months of proving my capabilities under our Production team, I have moved over to the Product Team as an Associate Product Manager."

Fun fact about Paige

"I love being active- any chance I can get to be outside I will. It’s a big mood booster for me. I also love the beach. I was born and raised in a small beach town. The beach is my happy place and whenever I need grounding or clarity it’s the place that always gives me answers."

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