StrongArm’s Senior Product Manager

Name: Tim Bromm
Title: Senior Product Manager
Department: Product

What Tim brings to StrongArm

Tim is a designer at heart. Combined with his eye for detail and end-user empathy, he’s a force to be reckoned with as we continue to build solutions for the Industrial Athlete.

Past work experience

Tim previously worked as a designer for Humanscale - a workplace ergonomics company.

Why he's passionate about StrongArm's mission

“StrongArm is a company that puts emphasis on the end user first. As a Product team, we listen to the customer, use data to drive innovation, and engineer cutting edge technical solutions that fulfill direct needs. The evolving landscape of the safety wearables industry keeps us on our toes and there is never a dull moment.”

Fun facts about Tim

Tim loves fly fishing. He ties his own imitation flies so it is a really rewarding process to watch it gently float down stream and catch the attention of a fish.

Want to connect with Tim? Reach out:


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