Big Financial Cost

The modern workplace is constantly changing - new technology, line and tooling improvements, optimization - all while employees are working shifts on the manufacturing floor.  A challenging environment for accurate assessment.

Direct Cost Of Lift Related
Injuries In the US [OSHA]

$15 Billion

Direct and Indirect Costs of
Lift Related Injuries [OSHA]

$56 Billion

Direct and Indirect Cost of
All Workplace Related Injury
[Economic Institute Policy]

$250 Billion

Human-Capital Cost

8.5M Workers

Are at a “Very-High” Risk Of Lumbar Injury

22M Workers

Are at “High” Risk of Lower Lumbar Injury

89M Workers

Are Exposed to Risk of Preventable Injury


Of the US Workforce
Is Injured Every Year


Is the Average Direct Cost Of a Back Injury [OSHA]

Prevention Expense

Organizations used to evaluate and address risk as a 1 to 1 equation - 100 workers require 100 hard hats, or 100 ear protectors, 100 sets of knee pads, or 100 OSHA approved vests.

But the 1 to 1 model drives exorbitant cost, and the reality is not all employees perform the same functions throughout a shift.  Different risk exposure should mean different equipment.


Spent On Safety Training and Equipment  Each Year


Is Spent Per Worker Per 
Year On Injury Prevention



The modern workplace is always changing - new technology, lines and tooling improvements - all while employees are working the floor.  A challenging environment for accurate assessment.

23% Error

In Current Methods of
Evaluating Injury Risk

<5% Margin

Of Error Using The FUSE
Risk Management Sensors


With the FUSE Risk Platform an organization can monitor, assess and intervene by deploying equipment with more speed, capability and accuracy than ever before - driving value and real competitive advantage.

Real Time

For plant and safety managers a comprehensive dashboard provides a single source of risk and safety information on every employee, during every shift, in every single facility.  So that facilities can focus on the employees who represent the most risk.



We respect our clients privacy and every new partner can expect that same consideration, but we understand that experience in your industry or category may be very relevant:

  • Top Tier International Logistics Company
  • Major German Electronics Manufacturer
  • A United States Based Big-Box Retailer
  • Utilities Co. Serving The Biggest Market
  • The World's Largest Beverage Producer
  • National Wholesale Grocer / Distributor
  • A Group of Luxury Automotive Brands
  • Multi-National Shipbuilding Organization

All said, hearing success from the perspective of our partners is always more impactful.  Please let us know if you’d like to speak with a client, and we would be happy to arrange.


ROI Calculator

StrongArm delivers great value to clients in the form of more accurate risk assessments and the data to support precise intervention recommendations that can reduce injury.
But we realize different levels of an organization require different information to help make the right decision.  For that reason we prove quantitatively what the FUSE can save.

100,000 Material Handlers on Staff

$850M ’15 Safety Related Expenses

FUSE Evaluator Pilot  Assessment

Identify 25% High Risk Employee Base

Introduce Appropriate Interventions via FUSE

$15m FUSE Platform Subscription (annum)

$6.75m for Industrial Athletes Equipment

10% Reduction in Risk and the Cost Associated

$15M FUSE Platform Subscription (annum)


$6.75M for
Industrial Athletes Equipment


$63.25M in savings