A Posture feedback system that gently reminds the body to remain in proper posture while on a users body based on the principles of neutral Spinal Kinematics.


The innovative device provides both Postural Support + Conformance to OSHA safe lifting guidelines, throughout the course of a worker's shift.


Operators (the Industrial Athlete™) begins to instinctively ‘flow’ with the device, bending at the knees, and pivoting when twisting to help mitigate lower lumbar risk.


Operators are automatically motivated to follow the OSHA lifting guidelines for better body mechanics when the V22 ErgoSkeleton is correctly engaged.


The first passive exoskeleton on the market that shifts loads off the weak areas of the body, to stronger and more stable muscles in the legs and core.


90% of users ‘would recommend’ as it had been proven to reduce arm fatigue and lower lumbar compression injuries for safer, more energetic work.