A lightweight IoT enabled risk monitoring device collects data on multiple ergonomic and environmental risk factors.


Machine learning algorithms assess safety risk and leverage a real-time dashboard to explore factor correlations and understand injuries.


Better understand the factors that contribute to injury and deploy more relevant, effective interventions - mechanical or behavioral - and monitor impact.


The FUSE sensors collect individual industrial athlete’s™ workplace safety data and colligate the data in one central platform – allows for multivariate analyses in real time. With less than 5% margin of error, the FUSE platform can quickly, accurately, and effectively detect high risk work zones/ user groups.


Every worksite has its unique challenges. FUSE devices seamlessly integrate into your existing enterprise data network to provide a holistic view into the industrial safety situation at each facility down to each shift, job function, and employee. FUSE can deliver unique metrics that help inform an organization’s safety and deployment decisions.


In addition to being an all-in-one sensor that collects multiple ergonomic and environmental risk factors, the FUSE sensor has the ability to deliver feedback to the user in real time through haptic feedback. Based on customizable thresholds, the sensor buzzes when the user performs a particularly risky motion in order to remind them to keep their form and act safely.

Analytics Software

The FUSE Risk Management Platform is a cloud-based IOT enabled software informed by an array of motion-interpreting sensors. With it organizations can monitor, assess and intervene with speed and accuracy, driving competitive advantage.


Detailed Analytics Reports are provided for your safety specialist and ergonomic experts in assessing sites and worker groups by risk levels, the quarterly reports showcases risk factors, and process comparatives for analysis and quick action.


Unlike other safety assessment tools that offer retroactive feedback, StrongArm’s FUSE provides proactive insights on how safe your workers are in real-time and can deliver that feedback directly to Industrial Athletes™ to improve compliance.


Perform safety interventions before an injury occurs. Forward indicating data let’s managers know where to focus their energies and where safety steps need to be taken.


The data collected by each FUSE device uploads into the cloud and is instantly processed through our proprietary machine-learning algorithm. Each data point makes our algorithm smarter, faster, and more accurate in detecting safety risks and identifying root cause.


FUSE data has the ability to deduce key variables that constitute safety risks in a given worksite, saving organizations the costs, time, and inaccuracies in ergonomic/safety guesswork.


FUSE is an on-the-body device that collects postural and safety data whenever motion is detected on the wearer. Our algorithmic approach allows us to project trends using the collected data, generating predictive insights on safety performance.


The algorithm goes beyond describing your workplace safety challenges; FUSE helps solve them by offering prescriptive measures. Grounded in the science of data, FUSE can recommend effective intervention(s) that generate tangible ROIs.