4 Top Data Analytics Startups Impacting Industrial Workplace Safety

June 29, 2020

StrongArm Tech – Predictive Analytics

Workplace injuries are a major cause of concern in manufacturing facilities and warehouses. They are a drain on the resources and may even lead to high attrition rates if left unchecked. Sprains, pains, and lacerations are among the most common types of injuries. Thankfully, all of them are preventable. Smart wearables monitor the movement of workers and predict injuries before they occur.

The US-based startup StrongArm Tech develops a lightweight Internet of Things (IoT) enabled risk monitoring device. The device collects data on multiple ergonomic and environmental factors for each worker throughout the day. The data is used by FUSE, their proprietary platform, to understand the factors that correlate with injuries. The platform intervenes when it detects an injury risk and can be used to plan safety and deployment decisions.

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