New device notifies when user comes within 6 feet of another person

May 22, 2020

A Brooklyn-based company has been ensuring safe workplaces since it launched and it was able to turn around its technology and create a device that they believe will help companies even post-pandemic.

The fuse risk management platform created by StrongArm Tech, based out of Brooklyn Navy Yard, typically warns workers of potential injuries and hazards.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, staff reconfigured it to aid in social distancing.

"As any two users come within six feet of each other as per CDC guidelines, you'll get a buzz, that buzz encourages folks to step away, it increases in veracity as those individuals spend further time or get closer together,” said StrongArm Tech CEO Sean Petterson.

The device is typically strapped to the user’s chest and also helps with contact tracing.

"What we're able to do very discreetly is understand every single person that a potential or infected individual may have come in contact with over the course of their incubation period so we can get to patient zero in an instant,” said Petterson.

Petterson says the technology was created to have long-term value.

"It will always exist inside of our code stack, and if there is another, lets pray there isn't and if there's another similar event, we can just turn this back on for our clients when they need them,” said Petterson.

The company has been testing it out internally but plans to launch it to clients starting June 1.