StrongArm Tech and the New Paradigm of Big Data

November 3, 2020

Ahmed Elsaeyed, Data Engineer

What they do: StrongArm Technologies offers a machine learning platform and IoT devices that measure and analyze risk factors of industrial workers on the job to prevent musculoskeletal injuries.

Company culture in one word: “Adaptability. Without a deeply rooted culture of adaptability and recognizing the need to innovate our technology, I fear our mission would have fallen by the wayside,” said Ahmed Elsaeyed, a data engineer. “In the face of the invisible but very tangible threat of COVID-19, for us, we had to adapt or close shop. We deal in safety data for real people, with real families and lives that go well beyond punching in and punching out.”

Coolest project Elsaeyed has worked on: “To address the pandemic threat, myself and the engineering team had to enhance our existing wearable safety technology. No longer were our FUSE Sensors concerned solely with keeping individual wearers safe from ergonomic injuries at work. Now, our sensors had to communicate with each other in real time and alert users when specific proximity thresholds were crossed. This presented the single most compelling and complex projects I’ve ever worked on. We had to quickly research, develop and test our COVID-19 feature enhancement while collaborating across the company. I had to leverage new technology, including deploying the data analysis tool Spark, which we used to build our data pipeline. By the end of the project, we had a pipeline that could tell us which users came into contact with each other and for how long, giving us the ability to provide social distancing alerts for our users in real time and accurate, anonymized contact tracing reports on demand.”

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