Safety in the Manufacturing Industry

To operate a successful business, a safe work environment is required. In the manufacturing industries specifically, occupational health and safety is a vital undertaking. Learn how you can improve your facilities with StrongArm’s SafeWork System.

Most Common Manufacturing Injuries

Manufacturing workers are most commonly injured through repetitive movements. Over extended periods of time, performing the same task or movement again and again causes stress and strain when done incorrectly. Similarly, workers can easily harm their muscles and bones when pushing, pulling or lifting heavy items incorrectly. Some of the most frequent musculoskeletal injuries in the manufacturing industry include:


  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Trigger finger
  • Sprains
  • Muscle strain
  • Lower back injury
  • Hernia
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
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How the SafeWork System Prevents Injury

The SafeWork System incorporates real-time data collection into your employee’s workday. Our wearable safety devices, Flex and Fuse V5 sensors, collect only the most essential information such as movement, noise levels, air quality, and more, monitoring and recording to determine if a worker makes a dangerous movement so it can alert them.

Using the Fuse Smart Dock, the collected data is uploaded to our centralized risk management software where we analyze and generate data sheets that safety managers can use to determine the areas that need improvement. This information is all accessible through our easy-to-use SafeWork Dashboard.

With our technology, some of the largest names in manufacturing have seen a 52% reduction in injuries. Find out today what StrongArm’s SafeWork System can do for you.

A dock featuring safety sensors and a tablet device displaying a digital dashboard.

Benefits of the SafeWork System

The SafeWork System and its network of devices can provide several benefits for your business, including significantly lowering costs: When workers become injured, they need to take off work, and depending on their injury, they might file a worker’s compensation claim. Using our safety devices, you can reduce those injuries by 52% or more and save money in the process. Click here to calculate your potential ROI.

Boost employee morale: If you show initiative in caring about the health and safety of your employees, they are more likely to feel valued in the workplace. Creating a healthy environment for workers additionally helps with retention rates and productivity.

Use it easily: Incorporating the SafeWork System into your workplace is simple. Our product was designed to be checked in and out quickly and easily-attached to workers of any type, including those in manufacturing. Data automatically transfers and uploads to our software when checked back into the smart dock, and reports are similarly easy to access through the SafeWork Dashboard.

Your workers can clip the sensor to their hip, strap it across their chest with the shoulder harness or use the x-pack to wear it like a backpack. At StrongArm Technologies, we make workplace safety simple.

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