It’s Time to Invest in Worker Safety

Earn safety a seat at the table with real-time feedback and organizational data provided through safety wearables, guiding your workforce — and your bottom line — to thrive.

We're deployed across Fortune 100 companies and tens of thousands of Industrial Athletes globally, consistently improving safety culture while delivering ROI of 200% or more.

SafeWork System

How the SafeWork System Can Prevent Injury

The SafeWork System incorporates real-time data collection into your employee’s workday. Our wearable safety devices, Flex Sensors, collect only the most essential information such as movement, noise levels, air quality, and more, monitoring and recording to determine if a worker makes a dangerous movement so it can alert them.

Using the Smart Dock, the collected data is uploaded to our centralized risk management software where we analyze and generate data sheets that safety managers can use to determine the areas that need improvement.

This information is all accessible through our easy-to-use SafeWork Dashboard. With our technology, some of the largest names in manufacturing, distribution and retail  have seen a 52% reduction in injuries. Find out today what StrongArm’s SafeWork System can do for you.

YOY injury reduction in
ergonomic strain /
sprain injuries as
compared to expected.

Real-Time Feedback

Safety wearables provide haptic, auditory and visual alerts which positively improve your Industrial Athletes behavior.

Proactive Intervention

Supervisors find detailed reports outlining the performance of each Industrial Athlete to inform coaching moments with real world insights.

Enduring Safety Culture

Data benchmarking and continued participation is proven to deliver improved workplace safety, getting even better over time.

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