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The World’s Largest Industrial Safety Data Set.

The original end-to-end workforce optimization and risk management solution.
SafeWork System

Introducing the SafeWork dashboard.

Safety insights, intervention opportunities and full platform support — all in one easy-to-use interface.

Insights from the source, support where it’s needed most.

Single Source
Your simple, single source for workplace risk management and proactive safety interventions
Support Page
Help Desk provides quick answers to help you get the most out of your SafeWork System
Ready Reporting
Always-on safety insights give a comprehensive look at your facility’s safety level
Industry Benchmarking
Measure your safety metrics against competitors and others within your industry
Tailored Integrations
The SafeWork System plugs seamlessly into existing HR, project management, training software and more
Operational Optimization
Proactive safety and workforce data transforms the way you operate from the ground up
Improve behavior and drive safety culture deep within your facility with actionable, always-on reporting across a wide spectrum of risk factors.
Tiered Report Options Include:
• Industrial Athlete Insights
• Supervisor Shift Report
• Tenure & New Hire Report
• Workplace Risk Mapping
• Industry Benchmarking
Flex Sensor
The World’s Toughest, Most Advanced Safety Wearable.
The world’s toughest, most advanced and most comfortable IoT safety wearable, proven to reduce manual material handling risk while empowering management with actionable, real-world insights.
Haptic Vibration
Auditory or Light-Based Proximity Alerts
Bluetooth Contact Tracing
48-Hour Battery Life + Rechargeable
LED Light
Validated through rigorous shake, drop and temperature testing.
256 custom auditory and haptic options.
Fuse Smart Dock
Interactive dock for sensor check-in/out, enhanced management to Industrial Athlete communication, automated asset tracking & automatic charging and uploading.
Risk Mapping
Bluetooth beaconing technology unlocks actionable insights into traffic patterns, density, access points and more.
Attachment Points
Hip Clip
Discrete, industrial-grade design keeps safety simple
Torso Clip
Easy to deploy location for higher granularity of ergonomic data
Sensor between the shoulder blades. Out of sight, but still top of mind
Torso sensor placement for superior ergonomic data

Proud. Protected. Productive.

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