SafeWork Wearable System

All in one Enterprise Safety Wearable System to protect your workers and revolutionize your safety data

A digital safety transformation

Ergonomic Sensors

+  Vibrational Alerts For Self-Correction
+  Validated Risk Monitoring 
+  Personalized Safety Scores
+  Automated Behavior Modification 

Connected Workforce

+  Daily Safety Snapshots 
+  Seamless Pre Shift Deployment 
+  Guided Continuous Improvement 
+  Coaching Recommendations 
+  Facility Risk Monitoring

Workflows for Managers

+ Frontline Data Reporting
+ Industrial Athlete Profiles 
+ Guided Data Driven Coaching
+ Document Progress Sessions 
+ Deliver Micro Learning

The SafeWork Dashboard.

Safety insights, intervention opportunities and full platform support — all in one easy-to-use interface. The SafeWork dashboard is the hub of our Platform designed to reduce risk and help eliminate ergonomic injuries in your facility.

How to Wear


Sensor between the shoulder blades on our patented X Pack harness. Built for comfort with adjustability and single user use.


Out of sight, but still top of mind.

Value For All Stakeholders

For Industrial Athletes

+  Improve your safety performance 
+  Feel stronger and less fatigued 
+  Increase job consistency

Frontline Managers

+  Engage with your workforce 
+  Data - Informed Decision Making
+  Identify Champions & At Risk Athletes

For Safety Leaders

+ Reduce Manual Observation time 
+ Decreased Claims Cost
+ Increased Employee Retention
+ Revolutionize corporate reporting

The Benefits of a Connected Workforce

Protected Workforce
Protected Workforce

Frontline workers now have continuous insight into their performance and how to improve

Injury Cost Reduction
Injury Cost Reduction

Reduce the frequency and severity of soft tissue injuries and improve the bottom line of your facility

Facility Benchmarking
Facility Benchmarking

Leverage leading indicator safety analytics to measure facility performance in real time, all the time

Engaging Onboarding
Engaging Onboarding

Better onboarding, tailored training, & curated learning paths enhance retention and engagement 

Safety Data Integration
Safety Data Integration

Integrate production and operation data with safety insights to better understand and manage fatigue

Autonomous Safety Management
Autonomous Safety Management

Remote safety management, all the time

Tools for Managers

Improve behavior and drive safety culture deep within your facility with actionable, always-on reporting across a wide spectrum of risk factors.

Comprehensive Reports Include:
  • Athlete Profiles
  • Intervention App
  • Progress Sessions
  • Micro Learning
  • Corproate Summaries
Flex Sensor
The World’s Toughest, Most Advanced Safety Wearable.

The world’s toughest, most advanced and most comfortable IoT safety wearable, proven to reduce manual material handling risk while empowering management with actionable, real-world insights.

Haptic Vibration

Auditory or Light-Based Proximity Alerts

Bluetooth Contact Tracing

48-Hour Battery Life + Rechargeable

LED Light

Validated through rigorous shake, drop and temperature testing.


256 custom auditory and haptic options.

Proud. Protected. Productive.

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