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Empowered with real-time insights, insurers no longer need to rely on antiquated data and backward-looking models.

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The StrongArm Insurance Services Division uses 2.5 million hours of modern, validated workers’ comp data to catapult worker protection into the modern era.

Accurate Risk Selection

Understand, categorize, and secure portfolio risk by leveraging new data to benchmark the marketplace.

Superior Underwriting

Enable accurate underwriting with quantifiable real-time risk metrics to win profitable policies and renewals.

Precise Pricing

Quantify financial ROI through safety impact, align operational incentives and drive lasting behavioral change.

An industry evolution, led by data and trusted by the world’s largest carriers.

“I am so convinced StrongArm is getting it right, I’m willing to bet my 20-years of workers’ comp experience on it to help them improve the lives of Industrial Athletes”

Charlie Acosta
StrongArm Executive Director, Insurance

The SafeWork System is validated to reduce claims costs by an average of

based on a
actuarial study
system users, and...
across 3 years

StrongArm has also been recognized for its innovative insurance solutions by the

“My belief in what StrongArm is doing, together with the partnerships of AXA XL, The Hartford and Zurich signify an industry evolution, led by data, that we’ll look back on in just a few years as a sector turning point towards smarter protections.”

Robert Bauer
Group Chief MGA Officer at Bolttech

Why carriers are adopting the
SafeWork System

Partner Pricing
Analytics Seat
Risk Engineering
Support Team
Hear what our clients have to say

Supporting our customers’ technology adoption and innovation efforts by curating technology partners who provide risk-reducing solutions will not only help our clients elevate their loss prevention efforts but will also help pioneer the ‘next generation’ of risk management.

Rick Burggraf, Head of Strategy, Data Analytics, Technology

BAC’s study has concluded that the SafeWork System reduces ultimate loss cost on targeted injuries by 35% compared to control groups without the technology.

Lineage Logistics, another client of StrongArm Technologies, has also detailed the benefits they have experienced from wearable technology. They recognize that the technology is only one piece of the puzzle; the way that the collected data is analyzed and acted upon has been instrumental in their success.

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