The SafeWork System is proven to prevent injuries and drive optimization in high density, high intensity industries around the world.

identified an average
greater risk of injury
for new hires

At a leading logistics firm, StrongArm identified an average 41% greater risk of injury for new hires.

year-over-year reduction
in ergonomic injury rate

With Flex’s real-time haptic feedback, 83% of participating team members improved lifting techniques at a global automotive manufacturer.

A waste management leader looked to Flex to dramatically reduce the potential of risk and injury.

“The StrongArm team was highly responsive throughout our roll out process and addressed any concerns making this an easy tool to implement throughout our footprint.”

Romeo Vellutini
Waste Pro Safety Director
Job Types

Route driver

Operates on consistent, local routes to load, transport, and unload goods

Delivery driver

Operates vehicles along a route to load, transport, and deliver goods to the consumer

Lone worker

Performs their job function in isolation from other workers

Common Injuries

Injury Reduction and Intervention

Back strains and
Heat risk

Route Optimization

Assess the safety profiles of route patterns within your facility - either human or vehicle - to streamline and optimize traffic accordingly.

Temperature Data

Highly accurate temperature and humidity data are paired with our ergonomic data to unlock another valuable layer for incident reduction and operational insight understanding.

Success Stories
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