Reducing the risk of material handling musculoskeletal injuries in retail environments from grocery to superstores to e-comm giants.

in direct injury cost savings

Driving a 62% reduction in overall injuries and a 68% reduction in medical recordables, accounting for $250K in direct injury cost savings.


Within the first year of deploying the SafeWork System, targeted, ergonomic-related injuries decreased by nearly 65% across participating associates.


Realizing a reduction in overtime hours accounting for an overall $750K increase in productivity dollars across the whole department over the course of the program.

“If you look at the safety data from where we started to where we are now, we’re leaps and bounds better in terms of buy-in and overall safety culture in our building.”

Dry Ship Area Manager
Leading National Retailer
Job Types in Retail

Case Picker

Selects items for orders and prepares the case for shipping

Order Filler / Selector

Ensures orders are filled by picking, palletizing, and loading goods

Equipment Operator

Operates tools and machinery to, from, and at worksites

Common Injuries

Injury Reduction and Intervention

Strains and
Lower back and
Shoulder pain

Injury Reduction & Intervention

Real-time vibrational alerts prompt workers to modify behavior before an injury occurs. Actionable reports give management a benchmark for interventions.

New Hire Focus

Assess the lifting techniques and potential ergonomic risks of new hires before bad behavior develops or injuries occur.

Backed by hours
of real data

After nearly a decade of deployments at scale, StrongArm possesses the largest industrial data set in existence — 35 million hours and counting, all fueling the SafeWork System’s smart safety algorithm protecting Industrial Athletes around the world.

Hear what our clients have to say

We quickly learned that the data being collected is only part of the benefits of this safety system. The real goldmine lies in what we can do with that data.

The future of workplace safety at Walmart is giving the power to the associates – engaging them, enabling them and empowering them to lead the safety program themselves. Technology such as what StrongArm provides plays a major role in that.

Site Assistant General Manager

Gaining access to our ergonomic risk data allowed us to identify the root cause of injuries at our scan stations. We knew we had a hotspot based on historical injury data, but we didn’t know why.

Site Manager, Leading National Retailer
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