Warehouse & Distribution

The proactive safety data unlocked by our safety wearables drives inventory optimization while reducing the risk of MSDs, from freight carriers to postal services, massive warehouses to major airports.

injury reduction.

At Australia's largest distribution company, the SafeWork System delivered 38% overall injury reduction.

recorded qualified injuries
across two high-volume facilities

Flex drove zero recorded qualified injuries across two high-volume facilities at a global distribution conglomerate.

YoY projected value

A partnership with StrongArm pushed a YoY projected value of 642,000 AUD at Australia’s most prolific distribution company.

“It’s not about productivity or pick rates or any of that. It’s about reducing the chance of people getting hurt.”

General Manager
EH&S, Australia’s largest distribution company
Job Types

Case Picker

Selects items for orders and prepares the case for shipping

Order Filler / Selector

Ensures orders are filled by picking, palletizing, and loading goods

Equipment Operator

Operates tools and machinery to, from, and at worksites

Baggage Handler

Moves luggage, cargo and other goods on and off planes

Common Injuries

Injury Reduction and Intervention

Strains and
Lower back and
Shoulder pain

Injury Reduction & Intervention

Real-time vibrational alerts prompt workers to modify behavior before an injury occurs. Actionable reports give management a benchmark for interventions.

Risk Engineering

Logged events load into the SafeWork Dashboard and are mapped each day, providing insight into traffic patterns, density, access points and more.

Success Stories
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