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Ep. 6 — The StrongArm Data Flex

December 11, 2020

This is the sixth iteration of Data Flex - for the first, head here

Each week, StrongArm’s Senior Manager, Data, Aoife, will plumb our considerable data depths and pull out one tasty morsel for you to chew on. (Our data team processes more than 2 millions hours of safety data every month, so there’s a lot to choose from.) 

Throw it out during your next Zoom call and watch coworkers’ eyes widen in disbelief. (You’re welcome.) Better yet, consider it an opportunity to evaluate safety in your own workplace. Can anything be improved there? 

Here’s Aoife:

In the world of workplace injuries, the holiday season is known to be especially dangerous: increases in seasonal workers combined with increased consumer demands inevitably lead to higher workplace injuries. This year has been especially off the books for retailers in terms of consumer shifts, especially for the transition in e-commerce. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, retail e-commerce sales increased 36.7% in Q3 of 2020 compared to Q3 of 2019, and the U.S. is now making more retail sales than ever. Here at StrongArm we’ve already started to see the impact on our workers as we approach holiday season, with average Safety Scores dropping and lift rates increasing starkly.

The compounding challenges of the pandemic and shifts in consumer trends may make this one of the most challenging holiday seasons yet in terms of worker injuries.

Thoughts? Comments? Just want to talk about data? Give us a shout: