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Workers' Comp.

Empowered with real-time insights, insurers no longer need to rely on antiquated data and backward-looking models.
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The StrongArm Insurance Services Division uses 2.5 million hours of modern, validated workers’ comp data to catapult worker protection into the modern era.

Accurate Risk

Understand, categorize, and secure portfolio risk by leveraging new data to benchmark the marketplace.


Enable accurate underwriting with quantifiable real-time risk metrics to win profitable policies and renewals.

Precise Pricing

Quantify financial ROI through safety impact, align operational incentives and drive lasting behavioral change.

An industry evolution, led by data and trusted by the world's largest carriers.

Charlie Acosta
Senior Executive Director, Insurance
"Insurance is not a test you can cram for, and get it right overnight. StrongArm has been studying for seven years – and has amassed 35 million hours of highly relevant workers’ comp data, two independent actuarial studies, patented technology and data analytics and an impressive roster of brand-name clients."
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Charlie Acosta
Senior Executive Director, Insurance
The SafeWork System is validated to reduce claims
costs by an average of 35% based on a first-of-its-size actuarial
study spanning...
system users
15 deployments
across 3 years
StrongArm has also been recognized for its innovative
insurance solutions by the
Robert Bauer
Group Chief MGA Officer at Bolttech
“My belief in what StrongArm is doing, together with the partnerships of AXA XL, The Hartford and Zurich signify an industry evolution, led by data, that we’ll look back on in just a few years as a sector turning point towards smarter protections.”
Robert Bauer
Group Chief MGA Officer at Bolttech

Why carriers are adopting the SafeWork System

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Reducing the risk of material handling musculoskeletal injuries in retail environments from grocery to superstores to e-comm giants.
Driving a 62% reduction in overall injuries and a 68% reduction in medical recordables, accounting for $250K in direct injury cost savings.
Within the first year of deploying the SafeWork System, targeted, ergonomic-related injuries decreased by nearly 65% across participating associates.
Realizing a reduction in overtime hours accounting for an overall $750K increase in productivity dollars across the whole department over the course of the program.
If you look at the safety data from where we started to where we are now, we’re leaps and bounds better in terms of buy-in and overall safety culture in our building.
– Dry Ship Area Manager, Leading Global Retailer

Consumer Goods

Fast-moving goods mean fast-moving workers with a higher rate of strain, injury and turnover. We target it all in pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage facilities, household products and more.
Implementing Flex drove 34% decrease in YoY manual material handling injury at multiple, major high-volume distribution centers.
In the first six months of being deployed, Flex delivered a 54% injury reduction across eight participating facilities.
Deploying StrongArm helped one major manufacturing company realize a projected 12-month ROI of 355%.
My dad and brothers have worked in this industry for years. They took one look at the Flex Sensor and told me to be thankful my company cares about worker safety.
– Seasoned Shipping Loader, Utah

Warehouse & Distribution

The proactive safety data unlocked by our safety wearables drives inventory optimization while reducing the risk of MSDs, from freight carriers to postal services, massive warehouses to major airports.
At Australia's largest distribution company, the SafeWork System delivered 38% overall injury reduction.
Flex drove zero recorded qualified injuries across two high-volume facilities at a global distribution conglomerate.
A partnership with StrongArm pushed a YoY projected value of 642,000 AUD at Australia’s most prolific distribution company.
It’s not about productivity or pick rates or any of that. It’s about reducing the chance of people getting hurt.
– General Manager, EH&S, Australia’s largest distribution company


Light manufacturing still requires heavy lifting, and lots of it. In industries like automotive, appliance and apparel, our system is proven to keep your best people safe while optimizing workflows.
Adopting the Flex sensor resulted in two fewer injuries per 100 associates per year at a global industrial conglomerate — translating to a 306% cost savings for all participating sites.
With Flex’s real-time haptic feedback, 83% of participating team members improved lifting techniques at a global automotive manufacturer.
At one of the world’s largest manufacturers, implementing Flex drove a 15% injury risk reduction across all participating sites.
Flex is a game-changer. In less than a month, 83% of team members improved lifting techniques from haptics alone.
– Health & Safety Director, major automotive manufacturer


The SafeWork System is proven to prevent injuries and drive optimization in high density, high intensity industries around the world.
At a leading logistics firm, StrongArm identified an average 41% greater risk of injury for new hires.
Implementing Flex delivered a 46% year-over-year reduction in ergonomic injury rate among new hire package handlers at a major pharmaceutical company.
A waste management leader looked to Flex to dramatically reduce the potential of risk and injury.
The StrongArm team was highly responsive throughout our roll out process and addressed any concerns making this an easy tool to implement throughout our footprint.
– Waste Pro Safety Director Romeo Vellutini
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