Introducing the SafeWork Platform

Every hour, an average of 38,812 occupational injuries occur worldwide. Everyday, Industrial Athletes™ risk their health and wellness for the organizations they work for. 

The vast majority of their injuries
could have been prevented.

This is why
StrongArm exists.

Pillars of SafeWork

Injury Prevention

Our SafeWork Platform combines unique data & training to prevent soft tissue injuries.

YOY injury reduction in
strain / sprain injuries as
compared to expected.

Proactive Safety Insights

Realtime alerting and leading indicator safety metrics give your frontline Athletes & Managers the ability to intervene early and often.

Intervention Needed

Personalized Training

Digital micro learning delivered directly to Athletes train them to apply the principles of Strong Human Movement across all job tasks.

SafeWork Learning Library

Operationalize Safety

With proactive facility, shift, job, and individual safety insights available at your fingertips, organizations can now manage safety like never before.

Made Safer by StrongArm

Proud. Protected. Productive.

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