Improve Your Employee Training and Onboarding Experience

Guided training programs curated for new hires or tenured workers keep safety top of mind by improving movement competency on the job to prevent injury and improve retention. Leading indicator data drives insight for management teams on where to spend time & effort eliminating risk. It's a win-win.

SafeWork Program Options To Fit Any Need

Experience a StrongStart

StrongStart is a purpose-built solution that revolutionizes new hire onboarding. Focusing on the critical first 90 days, the training program certifies new hires in SafeWork using both SafeWork Sensors and SafeWork Training. It's an excellent and effective introduction to the technology that focuses on your highest risk cohort

Certify in SafeWork

A focused deployment to assess risk and identify hot spots, improve safety performance, and implement corrective action over a 90 day rotational deployment for applicable employees

Leverage Best-In-Class Digital PPE

SafeWork Sensors are treated as PPE and worn every shift. When paired with ongoing micro learning courses, this program drives world class injury reduction ROI, allows organizations to marry SafeWork data with operational data to create competitive advantages, and is ultimately an exercise in continuous improvement

Better Training. Better Onboarding.
Fewer Injuries. Less Turnover.

Increased employee engagement
Improved retention
More consistent performance
How it Works

Measure Safety Performance

SafeWork Sensors monitor ergonomic risk, benchmarking employee safety performance while also providing direct realtime feedback for corrective action. Managers know who to coach, when to coach them, and what to coach them about. The best part - progress is measurable and key metrics are available to all parties to close the feedback loop.

Effectively Coach The Frontline

Managers use the toolkit to provide employees actionable feedback on their safety performance. Observations and coaching moments are more objective and collaborative than ever before. Measuring safety performance is proactive, not reactive.

Provide Ongoing Education

Expert-led short form training videos teach your team to apply and maintain "Strong Human Movement" while performing any job task they encounter - or while working in the yard on a day off. SafeWork data captured by the wearable informs content recommendations based on the risk factor(s) most in need of improvement.

“StrongArm has been a key partner in improving our Injury Prevention Programming for new warehouse employees.  New employees come to us with a variety of work experiences and exposure.  StrongArm’s sensors help us educate all employees, no matter what their work history or habits, and establish new healthy movement patterns that aid in their success at Dot Foods.   Our relationship with StrongArm has enhanced our prevention programming and allowed us to personalize our approach with new employees.”

Katie Neeley, MS, ATC, CEAS III
Occupational Health at Dot Foods
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