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Comprehensive, engaging, and easy to use, SafeWork Training is a learning management solution designed to help your employees build better habits by mastering the core principles of Strong Human Movement.

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Digital Micro Learning

SafeWork Training delivers short, engaging content presented by experts on a cadence to build and maintain safe, strong movement habits over time.

Strong Human Movement

SafeWork Training's foundational movement skills are designed to help employees tackle any task they encounter at work or at home safely. Our trademarked Strong Movement Principles teach employees the Power Stance, Power B.R.A.C.E., Power Zone, and the Hip Hinge, along with Bending & Stepping Mechanics.

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Tailored Programing

In addition to the foundations, we curate a training program based on your operations and the types of jobs & job task employees encounter. A program curated for your business consists of a discovery period, champion training curriculum, 10 courses on the foundational movements, and 16 courses on industry, customer, & task-specific content. All packaged and delivered over a 12-month period.

Create SafeWork Champions

Champion Seminars and Champion Certification process are led by our expert coaches. Train the trainer effectively to drive  adoption of the SafeWork Training Methodology across your organization.

“I use the SafeWork Training program not just for work, but in my everyday life! I'm confident it has helped me move & lift not only more efficiently but without injury!”

Robin H, Industrial Athlete
Trucking & Transportation

KPIs And Reporting

Course completion analytics provide a high level of program oversight. Drill down reporting enables managers to see which regions, locations, and individuals are completing their coursework to give your management team insight into safety engagement - a leading indicator for injury reduction.

Hear what our clients have to say

A driver who can’t work, can’t take care of the customer, or take care of their families because they were in a serious collision is just as invaluable as a driver who twisted their ankle because they weren’t exiting the cab correctly. We want our employees to get home at the end of the day in the same way that they left. SafeWork Training enables us to do this more effectively than any other injury prevention program that I've worked with in my career.

Norman Johnson | Director, Driver Development | Hub Group

I honestly love the program, and I’m not just saying that because I’m talking to you. It’s so simple and yet impactful. I appreciate the short and focused lessons because when  a video is over 10 minutes people will just stop paying attention. 

Andrew Phan | EHS Manager | HB Hood

We haven't had a single injury in any of my locations. Prior to implementing SafeWork Training, it seemed like we were averaging two per week and now we are at 0. I am a huge advocate of the program.

Joey Santos | Health & Safety Manager | Penske Logistics

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