Elevate How Managers Use and Engage with Safety Data

The SafeWork Dashboard is equipped with purpose-built tools for managers that guide observation & coaching interactions, high-risk interventions, and facility assessment. Augment the job and help operations leaders invest in safety. 

The Tools
Overview of employee safety scores to take intervention actions

Intervention App


Providing frontline managers with key safety metrics to better understand how their team is performing. A one-stop-shop view tells managers when, where and how to spend their precious time managing safety.


Athlete Profile


Designed to drive insight and foster deeper connections with individual Athletes using their safety metric. Easy-to-use trend analysis and built-in micro-learning content help managers lead impactful one on one safety discussions with top and bottom performers alike.

Progress Session Flow

Progress Sessions


If you can measure it, you can manage it. Progress Sessions allow managers to document coaching sessions to build an accountability process with their Athletes to reinforce learnings and monitor performance.

Operationalize Safety For Managers

Leverage Leading Indicators
Augment, Measure & Track Observations
Benchmark Managers Using A Standard Process
How it Works

Weekly Team Review

Managers take just 10 minutes weekly to congratulate top performers on participation and identify bottom performers for improvement. These reviews drive accountability and engagement - best served during routine start ups.

Lead Objective Safety Reviews

Frontline managers leverage the Athlete Profile to uncover opportunities to improve  individual safety, train & coach, and even identify issues with how job tasks are designed. 

Deliver Targeted Training

With the expert help of the StrongArm Customer Success Team, identify training champions and build a routine training regimen that uses group and individual training sessions to reinforce how to maintain "Strong Human Movement" to matter the job or task an Athlete encounters.

Best Practices

Phase 1

Ensure Athletes are educated and informed on the risk factors associated with Safety Score, and are up to date with their  knowledge of applying strong human movement to their job tasks.

Phase 2

Focus on short and positive engagements with Athletes when conducting a Progress Session to help reinforce trainings and highlight focus areas by watching the tips for how to improve together.

Phase 3

Follow up with Athletes and note improvements or regressions, provide coaching tips, and identify other interventions as necessary.

"The tools on the SafeWork Dashboard make it easy for me to empower leaders in my building to own safety in their areas and make a meaningful impact with their people using data.  It's about engaging and collaborating with the people doing the work to understand and reduce risk instead of being blindsided by injuries and having to act after the damage is already done."

Jarod Gustafson
EHS Manager, Grocery Distribution

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