The Industrial Athlete

Industrial Athletes™ are the essential frontline workers of the world who put their bodies on the line every day to earn a living.

They perform countless critical job functions that positively impact lives beyond their own.

They are factory and warehouse workers, assembly line workers, grocery stockers, airport baggage handlers, delivery drivers.

They are your mothers and fathers. Your sons and daughters. Friends. Neighbors. And so much more.

Industrial Athletes™ are the beating heart of the world's critical infrastructure, the lifeblood or our economy.

StrongArm exists to
Get Them Home Safely
After Every Shift.

Industrial Athletes deserve:

To return home safely
every day
Protection from preventable strain and injury
Investment in leading tech and tools to keep them safe
Meaningful intervention moments with supervisors
Data-driven insights into health, performance and goals
A culture that champions safety AND results

New Data on Industrial Athletes
in The Workforce


Industrial Athletes have spoken.


We polled more than 600 active industrial workers in the US about their daily stressors, training support, mental health and more... The results might surprise you.

“The best part about wearing the sensor is it lets me know when I'm doing the job right.”

Leading Global Retailer

“It would typically take one full year to risk-profile a 100-person warehouse. The SafeWork System can do it in a few days.”

Risk Engineer
Leading Insurance Carrier

“Feedback from the team on these changes is very positive. We’re using the data to better our processes.”

EHS Manager
Leading Manufacturer

“We've never had a program that has been able to be associate driven before. It's not just information that's given to leadership, its an investment that associates get that we have not been able to provide before”

Shift Manager
Grocery Distribution

“I love what the data is able to show us and how we can overlay it with the other data we have at our disposal to make decisions.”

VP, Supply Chain
Global Manufacturer

“People are coming in with sore legs because they’re actually using them instead of their backs.”

Shift Manager
Leading Distribution Company

The number of Industrial Athletes working in warehouses alone
will balloon to an expected 13 million globally by 2025.

Workers Icon
Industrial Athletes

Seventy-five percent of those workers will be millennials —
roughly 25-40 years old.

Demand for skilled workers is surging.

Technology to keep them safe needs to keep pace.

IAs Worldwide
Industrial Athletes
protected by the SafeWork System
Global Economy Impact
The global industrial wearable
market is expected to reach
US $8.63 billion in 2027, up from
$2.89B in 2019.
Workplace Injuries

Every hour, more than 38,000
occupational injuries occur worldwide,
with a total annual cost of $3.25T.

YOY injury reduction in
ergonomic strain /
sprain injuries as
compared to expected.

StrongArm’s mission is to

Optimize the Future of Work

through innovative wearable technology,
actionable data insights and better training.

Our Partners

Creating a better future
for the Industrial Athlete.

America's leading non-profit safety advocate, focused on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths.


Protecting the
next generation.

The country’s premier non-profit organization providing educational
scholarships for children of parents injured or killed on the job.


Delivering help where it's needed most.

When disaster strikes, few things are more important than good logistics. In fact, it’s often the key differentiator between wanting to deliver help and actually being able to.

That’s what ALAN is all about.


Ride to End Cancer.

Raising $250 million and counting for innovative cancer research and treatments.

Proud. Protected. Productive.

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