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Environmental health and safety (EHS) management software is crucial to maintaining a safe and productive workplace. StrongArm’s SafeWork Platform makes managing ergonomic safety easier, preventing injuries before they can occur with proactive intervention, identifying problem areas that would benefit from implementing new safety strategies, and saving time on manual processes.

SafeWork System

The SafeWork System begins with the sensor, a wearable device for your employees. These wearable safety sensors alert Industrial Athletes™ when they are performing dangerous movements and collect information about where and why this is occurring.


This information is the first key to providing you with safety insights, intervention opportunities and full platform support — all in one easy-to-use interface. Our individualized client teams generate additional reports for safety managers and other leaders by analyzing your available data to look for high-risk areas. Using our software, you can see Safety Scores (a proprietary number from 1-100 conveying an Athlete’s risk-rate), participation, risk factors and a host of other data points throughout each collection period to assess risk for injury.

What are StrongArm Preventable Injuries (SPI's)

StrongArm Technologies offers a suite of technology solutions designed to empower frontline workers to operate in the strongest, most stable position while performing all job tasks. While simultaneously improving safety across organizations through proactive data insights.  When deployed successfully we aim to reduce SPI’s by 35% at scale. StrongArm Preventable Injuries (SPI’s) are strain & sprains, inflammation, soreness, tears, hernias, and other soft tissue injuries that have occurred due to the following causes - lifting, twisting, tilting, loading, unloading, handling, pulling, pushing, overexertion, and other causes from performing their job functions in weak / awkward positioning -repetitive motion injuries 


  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Inflammation
  • Soreness
  • Hernias
  • Tears
  • Other soft tissue injuries 



  • Lifting
  • Twisting
  • Tilting
  • Loading / unloading
  • handling
  • Pushing / pulling
  • Overexertion


Body Part 

  • Lower, Upper, & Mid back
  • Shoulders
  • Hip & Groin
  • Knee & Neck


Ancillary to Injury Prevention 

When our platform is successfully deployed, employees become more engaged, more consistent, & more aware of injury risk. This will have a significant, difficult to measure, impact on employee retention, productivity, & overall workforce culture


Non StrongArm Preventable Injuries 

Our products do not directly target the injury types below:

  • Struck by
  • Overhead work
  • Wrist Strains & Carpal Tunnel 
  • Cuts / lacerations
  • Slip Falls 
  • Caught in’s 
  • Contusions 


Custom Injury Analysis

StrongArm can perform a custom analysis of your loss history if you provide the following:


Loss History

  • 3 Year loss run 
  • Claimant name removed
  • Unique Identifier for location 
  • Claim Cause, Type, Body Part, Description 
  • Total Incurred

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