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Environmental health and safety (EHS) management software is crucial to maintaining a safe and productive workplace. StrongArm’s SafeWork System makes managing ergonomic safety easier, preventing injuries before they can occur with proactive intervention, identifying problem areas that would benefit from implementing new safety strategies and saving time on manual processes.

SafeWork System

The SafeWork System begins with the sensor, a wearable device for your employees. These wearable safety sensors alert Industrial Athletes™ when they are performing dangerous movements and collect information about where and why this is occurring, uploading every time they are returned to the Smart Dock.


This information is the first key to providing you with safety insights, intervention opportunities and full platform support — all in one easy-to-use interface. Our individualized client teams generate additional reports for safety managers and other leaders by analyzing your available data to look for high-risk areas.


All data uploads to the health and safety software occur via the Smart Dock rather than the individual sensors. This central program lets our teams conduct analysis and allow your managers and executives to access the reports online via the tablet. Using our software, you can see Safety Scores (a proprietary number from 1-100 conveying an Athlete’s risk-rate), participation, risk factors and a host of other data points throughout each collection period to assess risk for injury.

Health and Safety Software Data Collection

At StrongArm Technologies, we emphasize privacy and we are adamant in using a less invasive approach to tracking and monitoring. Our Flex and Fuse V5 wearable sensors only send data pertinent to an employee's safety. Our goal is not to track every moment of a worker's day for punitive measure, thus our sensors only capture data relevant to improving biomechanical observation and safety.

This data includes:

  • Physiological Movement
  • Job Function Analysis
  • Time Stamping
  • New Hire Vs Tenure Analysis


We are currently innovating and testing for:

  • Air quality
  • Temperature
  • Noise levels
  • Barometric pressure
  • Humidity
  • Noxious Fumes
  • Area Risk Mapping
  • Fork Lift Telematics
  • Machine Guarding

Our sensors do not have GPS or location tracking capabilities in order to ensure your workforce knows that maintaining privacy and the integrity of the system is important to us. All these factors play into the safety and wellbeing of your employees. Daily and weekly readings of these points are strictly used to help you determine where issues or challenges arise.

Types of Injuries Prevented by the SafeWork System

The SafeWork System prevents injuries that occur after repeated exposure to a risk. Most frequently, our wearable sensors function to prevent ergonomic-related injuries, but it is always monitoring other external factors. Injuries and illnesses we can help you prevent include:

  • Lower Lumbar Injury
  • Sprains
  • Strains


We are currently innovating and testing for:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Illness from toxic fumes
  • Hearing damage or loss

Ergonomic and/or repetitive motion injuries are most easily detected by our risk management platform because they are the most common. If employees bend awkwardly, lift too much weight or contort their bodies strangely, our sensors detect it and alert them immediately.

Once the device is on the dock, it uploads the captured data to our software for analysis. From there, you can use your newly collected data to pinpoint where problems occur and make changes. These changes could range from reducing noise levels to retraining employees or installing more ergonomic workstations. Regardless of your goals, collecting data with our wearable safety sensors and SafeWork System will help you get there.

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