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The Industrial Athlete

Industrial Athletes are the essential, frontline workers of the
world who put their bodies on the line day in and day out.
They perform countless critical job functions that positively impact lives beyond their own.
They are factory and warehouse workers, material handlers, grocery stockers, airport baggage handlers, delivery drivers.
They are your mothers and fathers. Your sons and daughters. Friends. Neighbors. And so much more.
Industrial Athletes™ are the beating heart of the world's critical infrastructure, the lifeblood of our economy.
StrongArm exists to

Get Them Home Safely After Every Shift.

Industrial Athletes deserve:
To return home
safely every day
Protection from preventable
strain and injury
Investment in leading tech and
tools to keep them safe
Meaningful intervention
moments with supervisors
Data-driven insights into health,
performance and goals
A culture that champions
safety AND results
Workplace Injuries
Every hour, more than 38,000 occupational injuries occur worldwide, with a total annual cost of $3.25T.
IAs Worldwide
Industrial Athletes
actively on SafeWork System
Global Economy Impact
The global industrial wearable market is expected to reach US $8.63 billion in 2027, up from$2.89B in 2019.

Proud. Protected. Productive.

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The Industrial Athlete™

Creating a Better Future for the Industrial Athlete

Since 2013, our founding mission has been to keep the world’s Industrial Athletes™ proud, protected and productive. Our team is passionate about pursuing the innovation and technology required to find insights that will help improve the lives of essential workers everywhere and change the game for industrial safety.  We have built and continue to enhance a system of hardware and software designed manage risk, reduce injuries and deliver the actionable data garnered from our pioneering safety wearables.

Our job at StrongArm is to prevent injury before it happens while optimizing workforces, providing tools and analysis that improves the day to day. Injury reduction, the wellness of Industrial Athletes and getting everyone home safely is our priority as we work to zero injuries.

The Industrial Athlete™ is the beating heart of everything we represent and strive for here at StrongArm Technologies — the essential, frontline workers of the world who put their bodies on the line to perform a critical job function that positively impacts lives beyond their own. They are nurses and grocery stockers, mail carriers, truck drivers and warehouse pickers. And so much more. Industrial Athletes™ build and maintain the world's critical infrastructure.

StrongArm exists to keep them safe.
If you take workplace safety as seriously as we do, we invite you

to join us in signing the Industrial Safety Pledge.

Sean Petterson - Founder and CEO of StrongArm Tech

Our Commitment to Industrial Athletes™

A letter from founder Sean Petterson
April 13, 2020
Sean Petterson

Who is the Industrial Athlete™?

An Industrial Athlete™ is someone who works in a physically demanding job setting, often engaged in repetitive movements like bending, lifting and twisting thousands of times through a typical shift.

What can they do to protect themselves?

Of course, protocols like proper lifting technique, regular rest and hydration breaks and targeted check-ins with health and safety leaders are critical to Industrial Athletes™ remaining safe at work. A fully protected workforce, however, requires a daily benchmark of safety data that Industrial Athletes™ and management can look at and act upon together.

What are risks the Industrial Athlete™ faces?

For the Industrial Athlete™, the risk of ergonomic or musculoskeletal injuries is all too real, as fatigue often leads to improper or lagging operational technique. Serious workplace injuries like this can often result in lost days, or weeks, of work.

What can an organization do to protect the Industrial Athlete™?

To truly protect their Industrial Athletes™, organizations must go beyond lip service and safety signs to establishing a true and enduring culture of safety. Successfully managing an Industrial Athlete™ — like any professional athlete — means optimizing their performance based on a litany of real-world, actionable safety data specific to individual and organizational goals.

How can insurance carriers and brokers step in to protect the Industrial Athlete™?

Rather than the more traditional approach of backward-looking risk assessment tools and techniques, the SafeWork System and its millions of hours of real-world safety data can instead proactively predict problem areas and behavioral trends within an organization, effectively altering the very way employers measure, monitor, and manage their workplace injuries, or "Cost of Risk."
March 30, 2020

StrongArm Technologies exists for the betterment of Industrial Athletes™ everywhere. In all that we do, we are working towards creating safer workplaces and better futures for these under-appreciated heroes.

All products and services rendered by StrongArm Technologies are intended for the express purpose of ensuring that Industrial Athletes™ remain safe at work. While The FUSE Platform has myriad technological capabilities, including but not limited to ergonomic risk assessment, proximity detection, and geo-location, the use of these capabilities to punish or unduly monitor Industrial Athletes™ is antithetical to StrongArm’s Mission.

To that effect, all organizations working with StrongArm and implementing the SafeWork System are expressly forbidden from utilizing data for punitive measures. Any divergence from this will be considered immediate grounds for contract termination.

StrongArm will continue to innovate for safer technologies and advocate for safer working conditions to keep all Industrial Athletes™ Proud. Protected. Productive.