The SafeWork Sensor

StrongArm's latest work safety wearable hardware has all the benefits you've come to trust in a flexible, versatile, and easy to use and deploy touch screen device.

The Safework Sensor
How It Works

The revolutionary features StrongArm is known for, now in an even more user-friendly, all-in-one device that empowers individual athletes, informs leaders, and drives safety performance for all.

Key Features
  • Multi-modal auditory & vibration alerts
  • Touch screen for high visual & rich user experience
  • Water resistant and dust proof
  • Built industrial-tough to absorb shock and prevent damage
Easy To Use

Checkout Devices
Each Industrial Athlete chooses their own profile and sees their own data.

Uploading Data
Easily connect via Wi-Fi or a StrongArm provided hotspot.

Device Charging
Plug in the device with the supplied charging cable. A green LED light signals active charging status.

The X Pack

Long-Wearing Comfort

The wearable, which weighs just over 5 ounces, sits between the shoulder blades on our patented X-Pack harness. Built for comfort with full adjustability and single user use.

An End-To-End Work Safety Solution

Digital PPE

+  Simple, Intuitive, and Familiar
+  Vibrational Alerts For Self-Correction
+  Updated Safety Scores Per Shift
+  Deploy Across Multiple Shifts/Users

Insightful Data

+  Real-Time Safety Data
+  Evaluate Users, Shifts, Job Functions
+  Report Value for Decision Makers
+  Spot Trends to Minimize Risk 

Safety Improvement Training

+ Targeted Training Based on Risk Data
+ Microlearning to Build Better Habits
+ Curated Content For Specific Needs
+ Train the Trainer Champion Seminars

Management & Coaching Tools

Data-Driven Decision Making

Actionable reporting covers a wide spectrum of risk factors. Measure and compare performance by shift, job function, or facility. Real-time safety data informs operational decisions to limit risk, improve productivity, and plan for future needs.

Comprehensive Reports Include:
  • Athlete Profiles
  • Intervention App
  • Digital Microlearning
  • In-depth Corporate Reporting

The SafeWork Dashboard

Safety insights, intervention and coaching opportunities, program administration, and full Platform support — all in one easy to use interface. Improve behavior and drive safety culture with actionable, real-time reporting across a wide spectrum of risk factors. Proactive safety data transforms the way you operate from the ground up.

Progress Sessions

Progress Sessions are a valuable tool to assist managers during coaching sessions with athletes and have a measurable impact on the improvement of safety scores and reduction of injury risk.

The sessions enhance communication between managers and athletes, while reinforcing established workflows such as safety observations.

Management gains valuable insights into the level of engagement between managers and athletes, as well as the long-term impact of these interactions. This information can empower management to make informed decisions and optimize coaching strategies over time.

Benefits Of Connecting Your Workforce

Fewer Injuries
Fewer Injuries

Frontline workers now have continuous insight into their performance and how to improve

Injury Cost Reduction
Injury Cost Reduction

Reduce the frequency and severity of soft tissue injuries and improve the bottom line of your facility

Benchmarking Across Cohorts
Benchmarking Across Cohorts

Leverage leading indicator safety analytics to measure facility performance in real time, all the time

Better Training
Better Training

Better onboarding, tailored training, & curated learning paths enhance retention and engagement 

Engaging Onboarding
Engaging Onboarding

Integrate production and operation data with safety insights to better understand and manage fatigue

Autonomous Safety Management
Autonomous Safety Management

Wearable digital PPE for remote safety management in real time.

Value For All Stakeholders

For Industrial Athletes

+  Improve safety performance 
+  Feel stronger and less fatigued 
+  Increase job consistency
+  Enhance overall quality of life 

Frontline Managers

+  Engage with your workforce 
+  Data driven decision making
+  Identify Champions & at risk Athletes
+  Grow front line safety culture

For Safety Leaders

+ Reduce manual observation time 
+ See decreased claims costs
+ Benefit from increased retention
+ Revolutionize corporate reporting

Proud. Protected. Productive.

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