We aim to make the contracting process as easy as possible for our clients, while also ensuring that your organization, your Industrial Athletes™, and StrongArm are all afforded the appropriate legal protections in any engagement.


Our SafeWork System and FUSE Platform use docks, harnesses, and sensors to collect data on your industry workers wearing our harnesses and sensors and the work environment they are in (e.g., how the body moves through space, worker location relative to other workers, etc.). We then process that collected data (which we refer to as “Captured Data”), along with any data provided by you regarding those workers (e.g., unique identifiers for workers, worker sex, worker hire date, productivity data, etc. which we refer to as “Contributed Data”), through our proprietary AI algorithm at data centers in the United States.


As Captured Data and Contributed Data are processed through the SafeWork Dashboard, our AI algorithm aggregates data from you and your workers with derived data that we have received from other employers with industry workers using the FUSE Platform or SafeWork System. This means that each new employer we work with benefits from the derived data we received from working with other employers. By aggregating data from numerous employers, the SafeWork Dashboard and its AI algorithm are better able to identify and accurately assess worker safety risk. It is through this aggregation of data (including data based on your Contributed Data and Captured Data) that the SafeWork Dashboard provides you with analytical insights and easy-to-digest analyses of your worker safety risk.


Once we aggregate data through the SafeWork Dashboard (including data based on your Contributed Data and Captured Data), the data cannot be re-identified, but it also cannot be removed from the SafeWork Dashboard. As a result, to use the SafeWork Dashboard, you must agree to let us use your Contributed Data and Captured Data after the evaluation period for limited purposes. Rest assured, we always anonymize, de-identify, and aggregate data processed through the SafeWork Dashboard so that even we cannot identify which employers and industry workers the data came from. We take data privacy very seriously. In addition to maintaining an ISO 27001 certification, we are constantly reviewing and, when needed, improving our internal controls and data protection policies and procedures.


After many years redlining standard enterprise SaaS contracts, which often led to 6-month+ negotiations, we built our evaluation agreement in an effort to reflect the very unique nature of our the SafeWork System and FUSE Platform. We believe our Eval Agreement covers all of the key tenets of the standard SaaS contract you would typically work with while also allowing us the provisions required to run our Platform as effectively and efficiently as possible for the client. After reviewing StrongArm’s agreement, most corporate legal teams agree with us. Linked here, you will find our Evaluation Terms & Conditions which sets forth the terms and conditions under which you may evaluate the SafeWork System and FUSE Platform to see if our system is a good fit for your needs. If you would like to continue using the SafeWork System or FUSE Platform after the evaluation, then we will need to enter into a definitive client agreement, a copy of which we can provide to you upon your request.

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