The 2022
Industrial Athlete
Workforce Report

The state of workplace safety according to
industrial workers themselves – the first of its kind
to be compiled and presented to the public.

Re-Prioritizing Workplace Safety

The prevalence of preventable workplace injuries across essential industries in the United States is staggering: The total cost of workplace injuries in 2020 amounted to $163.9 billion and there were 2.7 billion nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported that year alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Repetitive motion injuries from frequent bending, twisting and tilting are a common occurrence in industrial work environments, often resulting in strains, sprains, muscle pulls or worse. These injuries can happen over time or in an instant, and often translate to workers being sent home early or missing work for extended periods of time.


Musculoskeletal injuries are responsible for almost 30 percent of all workers’ compensation costs, proving to be a major pain point not just for the Industrial Athlete who was injured, but financially for the employers as well.

The workplace safety problem is real and exacerbated by increased consumer demands requiring more and more workers to be hired, often with high quotas and little training.

The technology exists to dramatically reduce preventable workplace injuries like these and ensure every Industrial Athlete returns home safely at the end of every shift.

A healthy future of work for the industrial workforce is achievable, but it requires digging deep into the data and being willing to change long-held practices. If the future of work is going to change, it needs to change for all of us for the better."

Sean Petterson
CEO and Founder of StrongArm Tech

Who We Talked To

Our research reached more than 600 active workers in industries that require strenuous, repetitive and labor-intensive movements, often in high-density, fast-paced environments.


Three clear and actionable insights emerge from the data:

Insight #1

Workplace Stress Impacts Home Life

Data reveals that industrial workers are every bit as much in need of deeper support from their employers to address not only the physical, but psychological toll the job is taking.

Insight #2

On-the-Job Training is Woefully Lacking

On the job training is the first step for workers to learn and begin to implement safe lifting, bending and pivoting techniques to prevent ergonomic stress over the long
term. The problem: sufficient training isn’t happening.

Insight #3

Worker Safety Must Be a Priority

Data is the first step to giving industrial workers a voice and illuminating problematic
trends to managers so industrial jobs can finally become injury-free and a boon to workers’ lives rather than a liability.


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About StrongArm Technologies


StrongArm Technologies provides actionable data and insights for the world’s industrial workforce, including customers such as Walmart, Toyota and Albertsons, that want to create a safer, more effective environment. Its pioneering SafeWork System works to protect over 89,000 of today’s Industrial Athletes™ – individuals who put their bodies on the line day in and day out to fulfill the world’s essential services – by providing real-time feedback to inform safety, proper training and productivity across the workforce. With more than 35 million hours of on-body data driving its insight engine, StrongArm Technologies’ wearable devices have proven a 52 percent year-over-year injury reduction rate for customers.

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