Prevent Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries are the leading cause of workplace injury across the Supply Chain industry. Our SafeWork Platform reduces the frequency and severity of soft tissue injuries by 35% year-over-year on average and up to 89% at customers running best-in-class SafeWork Programs.

Reduce operating expenses and protect your people

Direct Injury Cost reduction

By improving the safety performance of Industrial Athletes, organizations will reduce the direct medical cost of soft tissue injuries - on average accounting for hundreds of thousands in bottom line injury cost savings 

Indirect Cost Savings

When our platform is deployed successfully our customers improve their employee retention, productivity, & overall safety culture - driving a 2.5x multiplier for Indirect Injury cost savings

Return On Investment

Our solution is purpose built to drive a 250%+ sustainable ROI at scale for our customers

How it Works

More Effective Intervention

Built in interventions like realtime vibrational alerts, manager coaching, and data gamification prompt and educate workers to improve their behavior. Athletes use their data paired with SafeWork Training micro learning to improve their StrongArm Safety Score.

Continuous Improvement

Daily utilization of the wearable, realtime vibration alerts, and commitment to coaching drives sustainable improvement in safety behavior that even extends beyond the workplace.

Build Better Habits

Day-to-day and week over week, individual safety analytics empower Industrial Athletes and Frontline Managers to measure performance and build coaching into their workflows - ultimately resulting in a more connected and engaged workforce. 


StrongArm Preventable Injuries

Strains, sprains, inflammation, and soreness
Lifting, twisting, loading, pulling, pushing
and overexertion
Back, torso, shoulders
and lower body
Hear what our clients have to say

StrongArm, in conjunction with our existing safety and compliance tools and combined with the right safety culture, can have an immediate and profoundly positive impact in reducing risk for our industrial athletes. We are actively reviewing injury trends and metrics across the network to identify new locations to deploy StrongArm. High case pick/repetitive motion facilities are ideal candidates that can benefit from the technology. Each of these facilities are seeing significant results by using the technology to augment and enhance focus on safety and driving the right safety culture.

Dominic DiCarlo, VP Global Safety & Compliance, Lineage Logistics

The future of workplace safety at Walmart is giving the power to the associates – engaging them, enabling them and empowering them to lead the safety program themselves. Technology like StrongArm provides plays a major role.

Justin Ducharme, Sr. Director, EH&S, Walmart Supply Chain

StrongArm’s haptic feedback provided to the wearer helps them focus better on proper ergonomics allowing for subconscious correction to form new habits with correct, safe ergonomic movement. The comprehensive analytics provided to our team allow for our managers to provide customized coaching and the ability to reward employees who are improving and/or utilizing proper ergonomics.

Romeo Vellutini, Corporate Safety Director, Waste Pro

“StrongArm has been a key partner in improving our Injury Prevention Programming for new warehouse employees.  New employees come to us with a variety of work experiences and exposure.  StrongArm’s sensors help us educate all employees, no matter what their work history or habits, and establish new healthy movement patterns that aid in their success at Dot Foods.   Our relationship with StrongArm has enhanced our prevention programming and allowed us to personalize our approach with new employees.”

Katie Neeley, Occupational Health Trainer Manager, Dot Foods, Inc
Real World Results

Impact Backed By Actuarial Validation

Barrett Actuarial Consulting, a female owned insurance risk consulting firm, concluded that the SafeWork Platform reduces ultimate loss cost on targeted injuries by 35% compared to control groups without the technology. 

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