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New Report: Mental Health Takes A Toll on Industrial Athletes

In a post-COVID era mental health and work/life balance are emphasized for white-collar workers. However, for industrial workers, it’s a different story. Nearly 1 in 5 Industrial Athletes reported that they’ve felt resistance to change when it comes to making the industry more friendly to work/life balance. 

In our new Industrial Athlete Workforce Report, a recurring theme among the 600 industrial workers we polled was the topic of mental health. The imbalance in work and family time is taking a toll. Our new data shows that 32% of warehouse and transport workers are too tired to engage with family and friends due to their jobs. Drowsiness is stemming from inconsistent and poor hours which a 24% of workers report impacts missing out on important life moments. 

Fatigue, inconsistent hours, and work/life imbalance leave Industrial workers in a position for mental health issues. Of the respondents in our report, we also saw nearly 50% admitted stress in their current roles. Furthermore, we asked the respondents what stressors were impacting their day to day. Top Stressors among workers included:

  • Lack of adequate pay
  • Difficulty recruiting and filling job requirements
  • Little room for advancement
  • Inconsistent or inflexible hours

Workplace stressors aren’t stopping at the door either. The workforce report dives further into off-the-clock impacts and how warehouse and transport workers feel when it comes to family, friends, and work-life balance.

To read more on the report, please visit here.

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Taylor Arseneau | Senior Associate | Marketing

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