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Bluetooth® COVID-19 Report: Our 3 Takeaways

This week, Bluetooth® published an insightful piece on how their technology paired with wearables is allowing companies across industries to return to work safely. 

We’re proud to be part of the technology ecosystem keeping workers safe during this time and beyond. 

Here are a few things that stood out to us from their report: 

  1. Wearable technologies have been thrust into the mainstream. The pandemic has forced many employers to use wearables, with millions more devices deployed in 2020 for social distancing and contact tracing. With this new real estate on the bodies of workers, the potential for safety applications is becoming more widespread.
  2. Bluetooth-based safety solutions are especially powerful when the technology goes beyond simple alerting and can incorporate data analytics and reporting. Both real-time alerting and data insights play a key role in worker safety.
  3. Wearable technology used for location detection, like the FUSE, has applications beyond COVID-19. Location intelligence promises to improve safety and efficiency in profound ways when spread across workplaces – again pairing sensor data and insights.

As we look forward to how wearable technology can continue to help workers long-term, the expansion of Bluetooth® and wearables into location-based safety is a natural progression, especially when paired with data insights. 

The potential impact on safety is significant and within reach already with current technology.

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Mike Spinelli | Chief Innovation Officer

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