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20-Year Insurance Veteran Charlie Acosta Joins StrongArm Technologies

Today, we’re excited to welcome Charlie Acosta to the StrongArm team as our new Senior Executive Director of Insurance. Charlie has more than 20 years under his belt in the upper echelons of the insurance business, and when asked the biggest thing he’s learned, he’ll tell you: the future of the business is data. Coming from AIG as an SVP of Risk Management, Charlie is a longtime champion of wearables, witnessing firsthand how they can tip the scales for insurers.

‍Rob Bauer, StrongArm Board Member and Group Chief MGA Officer at bolttech describes Charlie as a brilliant underwriter, believer in new data sets, and user of industrial-grade wearables. Charlie’s endorsement is additional proof that StrongArm’s data advantage has something powerful to offer Risk Managers, carriers, and brokers.
‍“I’ve been in the room when Fortune 500 insurance deals are contingent on the use of StrongArm’s wearables,” said Charlie. “Data is the inevitable future of the industry and no one is gathering smarter data and connecting the dots better than StrongArm. I’m excited to put my 20 years of underwriting experience towards improving the lives of Industrial Athletes and reducing the cost of risk for our clients.”

‍At the helm of StrongArm’s insurance operations – powered by 35 million plus hours of validated data informing workers comp – Charlie and StrongArm are catapulting worker protection into the modern era.

‍Every hour, more than 38,000 occupational injuries take place across sectors worldwide. StrongArm is determined to bring this number to zero and make occupational injury risk a hazard of a bygone era, one Industrial Athlete at a time.

‍Bolstered by the addition of Charlie, StrongArm can encourage more workplaces to make safety a priority, generate more data and in turn better predict future expected injuries and reduce the likelihood that they happen.

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Michael Palmer | Executive Director, Marketing

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