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Reducing Employee Turnover Rates with Safety Wearables

Protecting your most prized assets - your people - starts with actionable safety data.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, employee turnover is a serious problem — but safety wearables can help.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee turnover rates nearly doubled in 2020, with 2021 showing signs of the same troubling trend. With compensation costs similarly projecting upwards, workplace safety has never been more important.

Currently, segments like 3PL, logistics, distribution and trade are the hardest impacted sectors, flipped on their heads by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent fallout.

As e-commerce demand continues to increase and the access to talent plummets, injury risk and employee turnover rates have inevitably risen and had a critical impact on the productivity and cost of production across job functions, industries and operating environments worldwide.

Now more than ever, it’s essential that we find ways to solve this for the betterment of our global critical infrastructure — and that all starts with the health, safety and well-being of our Industrial Athletes™.

Targeting Employee Turnover with Safety Wearables

Driving an enduring safety culture starts with the safety of your employees. At StrongArm, we produce leading-edge wearable technology, anchored by the FUSE Platform, that takes the guesswork out of injury prevention and enables managers to understand where their facilities need improvement and which departments or individual workers require more immediate intervention.

The sensors we provide offer real-time, haptic feedback to alert Athletes when they are at risk of an injury, before the injury occurs, and teach them ways to operate safer, effectively altering human behavior in favor of healthier, safer habits.

Furthermore, this technology captures and records data to learn about each associate and understand the job type and workflows of the user. Using this real-world, actionable safety data, we are able to identify risks around the workplace and offer workplace optimization to mitigate these risks and eliminate preventable injuries.

For example, a leading global e-commerce firm was suffering from a high worker turnover — the direct result of consumer demand pushing a high quantity of return packages at a prolific speed and volume. Because this facility was not originally designed for processing such non-conveyables, a variety of musculoskeletal injuries occurred.

Using StrongArm’s FUSE Platform, the facility’s EH&S Managers discovered that a high twist velocity at a specific conveyor location was the contributing factor of injuries. We identified a simple and effective change – rotating conveyors at scanning stations by 45 degrees – and successfully reduced their risk by 62%, driving nearly $5M in injury savings.

Beyond Injury Reduction

StrongArm doesn’t just aim to mitigate ergonomic risk, we aim to mitigate all risk to help our clients reduce worker turnover rates and send their associates home healthy.

When we’ve rolled out our COVID prevention program, FUSE’s enhanced data tracking and detailed exposure reports directly led to significantly reduced alerts and overall exposure, driving user safety and maximizing business continuity.

From day one to day 10 in a large coworking space brimming with essential workers, for example, we drove a 95% reduction in proximity alerts, ultimately reducing the risk of exposure and outbreak by more than 82%.

Despite placing an emphasis on worker safety, organizations around the world still struggle with high ergonomic-related injury rates and COVID-related productivity halts, leading to high employee turnover.

These costs can mount up and cripple an operation, as well as threaten the livelihoods of good people. Wearable safety tech like ours helps put an end to this sad reality, reducing injury rates by more than 45% and attrition by over 25%.

Creating a better safety culture in the workplace has rippling effects that keep employees happy and healthy on the job. But creating a better safety culture begins with management, before it trickles down the chain. Injury reduction and proximity data are the first steps.

Our technology helps you build a less strenuous environment and keep your workers less fatigued. We provide you with the right technology and real-world data to better their lives and yours, and demonstrate how much you value your employees’ wellbeing.

The result is simple: Actionable safety data helps organizations do well by doing good.