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SafePlace Tiers

Safety isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why the SafeWork System has three different tiers. Learn what each level can do for your operation.

Every facility is different, so every safety solution should be too. The varying tiers of the SafeWork System offer different starting points, so you can choose the features best tailored to the needs and culture of your organization.

The foundational tier of the SafeWork System. Experience Industrial Athlete™️ participation, real-time feedback and movement insight combined with tools to aid supervisors in meaningful safety interventions. Ingrain a culture of safety into your operation and save money while doing it.


Industrial Athlete Insights

Individualized insights and comparisons against peers are delivered in an easy to digest format helping to predict and prevent costly ergonomic injuries.

Supervisor Shift Reports

Daily reports outlining all team members’ compliance and safety metrics for every shift.

Asset & System Monitoring

Live reporting on equipment in the field, including uptime, lost or missing sensors, and connectivity.

Take the data collected by your wearable sensors to the next level with the ability to filter and compare your results by warehouse, job type and more. Receive actionable data to better understand your risk profile through detailed reporting of trends across shifts and teams, time of day, job function comparisons, and tenure versus new hire comparisons.


Program Impact & Analysis

Detailed ergonomic insights including minute by minute risk factor readings, time of day analysis, and job function comparisons.

Tenure & New Hire Report

In-depth insights into ergonomic risk by tenure profiles, with a key focus on improvements for new hires.

+ Industrial Athlete Insights

+ Supervisor Shift Reports

+ Asset & System Monitoring

The top tier of the SafeWork System. Access in-depth analysis across the organization with the added depth of facility risk heat mapping, enterprise comparisons and industry benchmarking enabling more significant systemic intervention and risk prevention engineering.


Organizational Analysis

Multi-building overview and comparisons of program health, focused on critical safety KPIs.

Customized Data Metrics

Analytics tailored in response to the specific challenges of your organization.

Industry Benchmarking

Detailed industry safety benchmarks, ideal for tracking safety standards across warehouses, job functions, and shifts.

+ Industrial Athlete Insights

+ Supervisor Shift Reports

+ Asset & System Monitoring

+ Program Impact & Analysis

+ Tenure & New Hire Report

To learn more about the different tiers of the SafeWork System and how it can integrate into your operation, read more on our blog, check out our pricing page or request a quote today.

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