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The SafeWork Platform Helps You Address OSHA’s New NEP for Warehousing

In July 2023 OSHA released a new National Emphasis Program (NEP) for Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations

As supply chains continue to get squeezed, more volume, shorter delivery times, and high employee turnover have led to a much needed focus on safe working conditions for the Industrial Athletes who make it all happen. In July 2023, OSHA released a new NEP that sets inspection & mitigation standards, including for ergonomics, in warehouses, distribution centers, mail / postal processing, parcel, delivery, and courrier operations. Given these ever increasing demands that warehouses and their workers are subject to, the need for proactive safety insights and risk intervention capabilities to get out ahead of injury is more critical than ever before.

“Warehousing and distribution centers have experienced growth within the past ten years. From January 2011 to December 2021, the warehousing and distribution centers industry experienced a surge in employment, increasing by 150% seasonally adjusted.”  National Emphasis Program on Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations

As the industry continues to grow, there is an expectation among our customer base that scrutiny around ergonomic working conditions and related musculoskeletal injuries will only increase, along with associated regulation. Fortunately for our customers, we have been busy building a comprehensive and innovative solution to address these challenges. Our SafeWork Platform is playing a pivotal role in helping businesses comply with relevant OSHA regulation to ensure Industrial Athletes are given the tools and training they need to work safely. 

Our World Class Safety Platform :

  1. Ergonomic Safety Solutions: StrongArm Technologies specializes in wearable safety technology and ergonomic training solutions. These tools help businesses identify and mitigate ergonomic risks before an injury occurs. Our products teach workers to work safely no matter the job or task they encounter, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries while also providing real-time risk metrics that enable managers to address potential OSHA concerns early and often.
  1. Real-time Data and Insights: StrongArm’s wearables provide real-time data and insight into workers’ movements/postures and operational conditions. This data allows businesses to proactively identify risk, enabling them to take corrective actions promptly. By addressing these issues, companies can not only mitigate costly and painful injuries but can align with OSHA’s emphasis on using reliable metrics to prevent workplace injuries before they happen.
  1. Compliance Monitoring: StrongArm’s solutions can help businesses monitor compliance with OSHA regulations by monitoring worker behavior, uptake of safety training and adherence to protocols. Using tools like our Intervention App and Athlete Profile, managers can easily spot problem areas and intervene before an injury occurs. These unique individualized views of safety performance ensure that managers are monitoring and encouraging associates to follow safety guidelines and engaging in ongoing coaching using short-form digital videos delivered by our expert coaches. 
  1. Training and Education: The SafeWork Platform is also packed with purpose-built tools to enhance worker onboarding and education. StrongStart and SafeWork Training are designed to build better habits through all stages of an employee’s life cycle. By leveraging risk data from the wearables, organizations can automate training and prompt personalized Micro Learning to train on the fundamentals of ‘Strong Human Movement’. Appropriate and ongoing training is a crucial element of OSHA’s emphasis on enforcement and inspections in warehousing and distribution centers.
  1. Curated Solutions: StrongArm understands that every business is unique. We pride ourselves on being flexible and can tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and challenges.

We are working alongside our customers to build impactful digital safety tools that not only elevate their compliance standards, but empower them to proactively engage with their workers. 

“The tools on the SafeWork Dashboard make it easy for me to empower leaders in my building to own safety in their areas and make a meaningful impact with their people using data. It’s about engaging and collaborating with the people doing the work to understand and reduce risk instead of being blindsided by injuries and having to act after the damage is already done.”

Jarod Gustafson, EHS Manager

Come learn more about how the most advanced organizations are using wearable data to revolutionize how they train their employees and continuously mitigate ergonomic risk

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