safety pledge

StrongArm Technologies exists for the betterment of Industrial Athletes™ everywhere. In all that we do, we are working towards creating safer workplaces and better futures for these underappreciated heroes. 

All products and services rendered by StrongArm Technologies are intended for the express purpose of ensuring that Industrial Athletes™ remain safe at work. While The FUSE Platform has myriad technological capabilities, including but not limited to ergonomic risk assessment, proximity detection, and geo-location, the use of these capabilities to punish or unduly monitor Industrial Athletes™ is antithetical to StrongArm’s Mission. 

To that effect, all organizations working with StrongArm and implementing The FUSE Platform are expressly forbidden from utilizing FUSE data for punitive measures. Any divergence from this will be considered immediate grounds for contract termination. 

StrongArm will continue to innovate for safer technologies and advocate for safer working conditions to keep all Industrial Athletes™ Proud. Protected. Productive.

If you take workplace safety as seriously as we do, we invite you to prove it by signing the Industrial Safety Pledge, below.