Wearable Technology for Workplace Safety

Keeping your employees safe throughout the day is vital to creating a successful, safe environment for everyone. The SafeWork System helps companies reduce workplace injuries up to 52% year-over-year. Invest in the health and safety of your workers today with wearable safety technology.

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Workplace Safety Wearables

Every day, Industrial Athletes™ put their bodies on the line to ensure critical aspects of our society continue to function — and they deserve to remain safe while doing so. StrongArm’s wearable safety devices keep safety simple, helping Industrial Athletes™ utilize their bodies in a safer manner without losing productivity and providing supervisors with insights to optimize their workforce. Every hour, an average of 38,812 workplace injuries occur worldwide. These injuries can be prevented — if you have the right data. Wearable safety technology gives you easy access to this data, showing you where challenges arise and paving your path to dispel them. By putting your employees in wearable devices for workplace safety, you’re cultivating a better safety culture and showing that you care about them and their health.


Data Collection that Matters

When wearing a Fuse or Flex Sensor, associates perform their daily tasks as usual. While they work, the device monitors and captures information about each individual's movement, alerting them when they are performing a dangerous action that could cause physical harm. We use the information collected over days and weeks to determine where your workplace's challenge areas are. Our data highlights the less visible areas that could ultimately lead to workplace injuries. Most often, the injuries our data can help you learn to prevent are ergonomic. SafeWork System data is essential to opening a dialogue between safety managers and employees. Through the SafeWork dashboard, you’ll see where your team performs well from a safety standpoint and manage areas where workers face challenges, putting the tools in place to communicate with your employees about these issues and enhance safety measures.

Wearable Safety Technology

Durable and light weight the Flex sensor is designed to be minimally intrusive and to outlast even the most strenuous work days. The sensor acts as an ergonomic coach throughout the Industrial Athlete's workday providing a gentle reminder to adjust to a more safe form.

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The StrongArm X-Pack is worn like a backpack, situating the sensor in the center of an employee's back and away from any potential obstacle.

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