Wearable Technology for the Industrial Workplace

Transform your Workforce Management practices with wearable safety technology that drives employee performance. The SafeWork Platform helps companies improve onboarding, training, & injury reduction through proactive IoT data & personalized learning paths. 

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SafeWork Wearable System

Every day, Industrial Athletes™ are operating a peak physical performance to ensure critical aspects of our society continue to function — improving worker performance remains the primary driver of organizational results.  Our SafeWork Wearable System helps Industrial Athletes™ utilize their bodies productively and provides supervisors with insights to optimize their workforce. Our platform gives our customers a one-stop-shop software system to identify performance, improve behavior, and digitize all aspects of an employees lifecycle.

Management analytics include safety data by athlete, warehouse, shift, and job function.

Data Powered Workforce Management

When wearing a sensor, associates perform their daily tasks as usual. While they work, the device monitors and captures information about each individual's movement, alerting them as a positive coaching moment to focus on operating in a stable position. We use the information collected over days and weeks to guide improvement opportunities. Through the SafeWork dashboard, you’ll see where your team performs well from a safety standpoint and manage areas where workers face challenges, putting the tools in place to communicate with your employees about these issues and enhance safety measures.


Micro Learning for Continuous Improvement

When engaged in the program, associates will have access to & requirements to perform focused course work on how to maintain Strong Human Movement while performing their job task.  Our SafeWork Training learning management system ensures program participants have the skills to improve their safety scores and your management team have the training content needed to build better habits.

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