Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Fast-moving goods mean fast-moving workers with a higher rate of strain, injury and turnover. We target it all in pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage facilities, household products and more.

decrease in YoY MMH injury

Implementing Flex drove 34% decrease in YoY MMH injury at multiple, majore high-volume distribution centers.

injury reduction
in the first six months

In the first six months of being deployed, Flex delivered a 54% injury reduction across eight participating facilities.

12-month ROI

Deploying StrongArm helped one major manufacturing company realize a projected 12-month ROI of 355%

“My dad and brothers have worked in this industry for years. They took one look at the Flex Sensor and told me to be thankful my company cares about worker safety.”

Seasoned Shipping Loader
Job Types


Responsible for putting together components and quality checking parts prior to completion

Equipment Operator

Operates tools and machinery to, from, and at worksites

Line Worker

Inspects, packages, and prepares products in the warehouse prior to distribution

Common Injuries

Injury Reduction and Intervention

Strains and
Lower back and
Shoulder pain

Injury Reduction & Intervention

Real-time vibrational alerts prompt workers to modify behavior before an injury occurs. Actionable reports give management a benchmark for interventions.

New Hire Focus

Assess the lifting techniques and potential ergonomic risks of new hires before bad behavior develops or injuries occur.

Backed by hours
of real data

After nearly a decade of deployments at scale, StrongArm possesses the largest industrial data set in existence — 35 million hours and counting, all fueling the SafeWork System’s smart safety algorithm protecting Industrial Athletes around the world.

Success Stories
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