CEO & Founder

Workplace injuries cost the United States $250 billion dollars per year - and the costs seem to be rising. One of the main culprits of the hefty costs are workplace back injuries, which are estimated to cost $120 billion dollars a year, averaging more than $65,000 per incident.

Based on experience with family members working strenuous blue collar jobs, and recognizing that the manufacturing worker - the backbone of the industrial economy - rarely receives the training and support they need to ensure proper lifting mechanics, Sean acted.

Sean began his journey molding carbon fiber braces with a hair dryer in his apartment at RIT, and has devoted every moment since to the science of ergonomics, and building a series of products - ErgoSkeletons -  to address on-site issues and mitigate the risk of musculoskeletal injury.

Working with scientists, engineers, ergonomists and software developers, it continues with laser focus on more accurate data collection and real-time safety intervention. Saving workers the pain, and organizations the financial impact, of imperfect industrial environments.


Sean Petterson
CEO & Founder
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Tucker Taylor

Business Advisor

Tucker adds discipline to the Company’s​ governance and brings new perspectives to the Company’s strategic direction.​  ​Tucker was a member of the original management team at Federal Express. He ​joined the company in 1973 during its infancy, and was part of the leadership​ ​team that raised the required capital, developed its substantial​ infrastructure, and drove its rapid early growth.

He held management positions in – among others - System Engineering, Customer Service, Sales, and Ground Operations. ​He currently serves on the Board of CaseStack​, ​a technology driven third party logistics provider. He graduated from Yale University after serving five years as a carrier pilot in the U.S. Navy and brings the same focus, drive and experience to revolutionizing safety of science.

Jeff Hoyle

Ergonomics Advisor

As the Director of Ergonomics Services at The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina, Jeff is one of the leading experts in the field, and is charged with leading the growth, development and strategic planning for the Center’s future. Jeff also supports organizations as an independent ergonomic consultant, and has helped to effectively define the tools and methods used in the pursuit of safer, healthier and more productive workers internationally.

Jeff also serves as a research liaison between the Center and NC State University (NCSU), to help coordinate and manage ergonomics research between government grants (NIOSH, Susan Harwood Training, Dept. of Defense), clients/member companies, and NCSU faculty and graduate assistants. Working with StrongArm, he provides guidance on scientific efficacy, the use of cutting edge measurement techniques and the development of solutions to mitigate identified ergonomic risk. Jeff is an invaluable member of the StrongArm advisory board.



Sean builds the first
ErgoSkeleton™ at RIT

First seed investment
in November of 2012


NYS Start-up & Mass
Challenge award wins


StrongArm wins 10+
Key Fortune 500 clients


3M Venture

Impressed with the worker-focused ergonomic solutions in September 2015 3M committed funding to the continued development and sales of the StrongArm FLx and V22 exoskeletons.  An exciting opportunity to collaborate with a world leader in worker safety, and to guide the future of industrial work, worker safety, and the role of the Industrial Athlete.

With $32 billion in sales, and 90,000 employees, 3M is the largest international distributor of PPE. A perfect compliment to the StrongArm team - which Dan Chen, Director, 3M Strategy and Business suggested - “combines a dynamic and innovative spirit, with a great industrial design ethos … poised to push the boundaries of human centered design in the workplace.

Move to New
Lab, Navy Yard

New Lab is an interdisciplinary space designed to support entrepreneurs working in emerging technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, ​machine learning, and connected devices.  ​Organizations that require more than just a desk and internet connection, but rather facilities with tools like welders, laser cutters and 3D printers​.  A perfect fit for the hardware and software needs of the StrongArm team.​

As the first tenant in this innovative space, StrongArm now calls the​​ Brooklyn Navy Yard - once the​​ epicenter of American shipbuilding - it's new home, and it's founders David Belk and Scott Cohen trusted advisors, and dot connectors as we navigate the complicated world of industrial manufacturing to deliver new solutions to market.​​  ​We are proud to be a part of this revolution, and visitors are always welcome.


Prototype of FUSE (Saas)
Dashboard with 5 key clients

3M Distributes FLx
and V22 ErgoSkeletons™

4500 Hardware (FLx / V22)
Products Shipped to Partners

25 FUSE platform Tests
Completed With Clients

Prepared for Series B with
Lead Investors in Diligence


Introduction of the FUSE Risk Platform

With the Launch of the FUSE Risk Management Platform StrongArm secures its role as the leading industrial safety science company, delivering a tool that can help actively manage industrial workers through data driven, client-specific insights.  Enabling the deployment of safety equipment more quickly, and with more precision across the working population - positively impacting risk management cost.

Working with a number of Fortune 100 clients across categories, StrongArm has proven it can reduce the financial and human cost of unaddressed industrial risk, and deliver significant investment returns to clients.  In parallel, data captured by the platform informs ongoing product innovation and the development of enhanced safety equipment designed to keep Industrial Athletes Proud, Protected and Productive.


Advanced Ergonomics

The study of people’s efficiency in their working environment and the applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely — called also biotechnology or human engineering.


The branch of information technology that deals with the long-distance transmission of computerized information as it applies to the health and performance of the human body under industrial - environmental stress. In this case, enabling the quantified Industrial Athlete.

Safety Analytics

The systematic computational analysis of data that informs the risk exposure at an industrial site and can be used to identify factors that drive workplace incidents and predict accidents to help develop effective prevention strategies.