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To establish credibility quickly but thoroughly, StrongArm partnered with a major carrier to run a Risk Rate Correlation Analysis comparing the predictive output of the FUSE against 10 years of historical claims (some ~$7.5B in WC cost). The results not only confirmed the accuracy of our model and algorithms in relation to correlating with observed claims, but also truncated the timeline required to align with leading actuaries.

“AXA XL seeks technology partners who share our vision of protecting our clients’ people, projects and profits.  In partnering with StrongArm Tech, we’ve connected our clients with a technology that can have a big impact helping them reduce injuries and potentially improve their workers’ compensation program performance. We have already demonstrated success in building a unified risk management approach for one of our longest and most sophisticated large casualty industrial clients. The opportunity to leverage both StrongArm’s injury reduction capabilities and new risk data inputs will be critical to us as we look to develop innovative construction insurance programs of the future.” — Rose Hall, VP, Head of Innovation, AXA XL.

“Among large risk management casualty underwriting, launching innovative solutions with customers is the carrier differentiation model of the future — there is no sustainable success without it.”

Richard J. Burggraf III Managing Director, Strategic Risk Solutions, Global Risk Management AXA XL