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Transforming Workplace Safety: AT&T’s Journey with StrongArm’s SafeWork Program

AT&T LogoAT&T has long been recognized not just for its innovations in telecommunications but also for its commitment to the safety of its employees. In an effort to continually improve workplace safety, AT&T recently partnered with StrongArm Technologies to implement the SafeWork program, a cutting-edge initiative that reduces workplace injuries through personalized injury prevention and proactive data insights. 

In this blog, we explore a series of seminars that StrongArm recently hosted for AT&T. By focusing on hands-on training and real-world application, the program aimed to improve AT&T’s injury prevention and training methods. 

Setting the Stage for StrongArm

Participants from StrongArm and AT&T participate in workplace safety seminars.Before the introduction of the SafeWork program, AT&T, like many large corporations, faced a variety of challenges in preventing workplace injuries. Despite having comprehensive safety procedures in place, the dynamic nature of fieldwork and the physical demands on their technicians often led to injuries that could potentially be mitigated through more effective training.

As a result, AT&T decided to pilot the SafeWork program at a facility in Orlando, Florida, where it was spearheaded by a dedicated group of StrongArm coaches and AT&T Health & Safety Managers, who recognized the potential benefits of integrating StrongArm’s innovative approach to workplace injury prevention. Due to the success of this pilot, AT&T decided to roll SafeWork out across several of their key locations in Southern California, with the goal of addressing the prevalent injuries associated with overhead ladder work. 

The SafeWork Seminar Series in Southern California

From February 26 to March 1, 2024, StrongArm conducted a series of seven, four-hour SafeWork seminars over four days in Southern California. Starting in San Diego and working their way north to Los Angeles, the seminars aimed to expose participants to crucial safety techniques and practices. These sessions laid the groundwork for an extensive 12-month course. The goal was not to turn AT&T’s technicians into injury prevention experts in a mere four hours, but to provide a foundational understanding of the course material, setting the stage for deeper learning over the following year. 

Customized workplace safety training

Central to the SafeWork seminars was the pivotal role of hands-on training—an important component of internalizing the SafeWork principles. Tailored to meet the unique needs of AT&T’s workforce, the seminars focused on mitigating shoulder and lower back injuries, common ailments stemming from ladder usage and vehicle entry and exit routines. With a curriculum focused on bracing, body tension control, and safe movement fundamentals, participants gained actionable insights applicable to their everyday tasks, reinforced through live coaching. 

Impact and Feedback

The impact of the SafeWork seminar series was significant, reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from the participants. An impressive 98% of the attendees believed in the program’s potential to reduce workplace injuries, with a notable 86% expressing strong agreement. This high level of confidence underscores the program’s alignment with the participants’ needs and the effectiveness of the training delivered.

An impressive 98% of the attendees believed in the program’s potential to reduce workplace injuries, with a notable 86% expressing strong agreement.

The most valued aspects of the seminar, as highlighted by the participants, included the hands-on training and practice sessions. These elements were applauded for their direct application to daily tasks and the interactive nature of the learning experience. The interaction with knowledgeable coaches also stood out, emphasizing the importance of expert guidance in the effective transfer of safety knowledge.

Furthermore, the seminar’s focus on the application of human movement principles resonated well with the attendees, with a combined 97% agreeing on its relevance and applicability. This high level of agreement highlights the participants’ recognition of the importance of proper body mechanics and movement in preventing workplace injuries.

The readiness of participants to coach their teams on the SafeWork material was another positive outcome, with 79% expressing strong agreement. This confidence level indicates the seminars’ success in equipping AT&T’s managers and technicians not just with knowledge but also with the ability to pass on this valuable information, fostering a culture of safety and awareness within the organization.

Create a Highly Effective Safety Culture At Your Organization

Ready to enhance your injury prevention programming? 

At StrongArm, our mission is to keep Industrial Athletes™ safe through our SafeWork Platform — an end-to-end workforce optimization and risk management solution. Our safety wearables are programmed to detect dangerous bends and twists. Sensors help Industrial Athletes™ move their bodies safely so they don’t have to think about it, gathering data points while providing real-time haptic feedback to help correct unsafe behaviors. 

Contact us today for more information and learn how to create a safer work environment for your teams.

Key Takeaways from StrongArm’s SafeWork Seminar Series with AT&T

Analysis of participant surveys reveals an overwhelmingly positive response, highlighting the program’s potential in reducing injuries and enhancing workplace safety.

  • 98% agreed that the program had the potential to reduce injuries, with 86% selecting “Strongly Agree”
  • Participants highlighted several elements of the seminars as “Most Valuable,” including
    • Hands-on training and practice
    • Interaction with coaches
    • Relevance of the material to both work and everyday life
  • 97% agreed or strongly agreed that strong human movement principles apply to their work, highlighting the perceived relevance and importance of the content delivered.
  • 79% expressed strong agreement that they were confident in being able to coach their teams on the materials.


The feedback from the SafeWork seminar series is highly encouraging, indicating strong belief in the program’s potential to reduce injuries and improve safety practices among participants. The hands-on training approach, coupled with the quality of instruction and the practical relevance of the material, were key factors in the positive response.

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