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Team Spotlight: Torben Ludwig

StrongArm’s new Chief Technology Officer builds everything from cities to video games to an exciting new future for Industrial Athletes.

Torben Ludwig is StrongArm’s new Chief Technology Officer, a highly knowledgeable and specialized addition to our team with an extensive background of engineering and development work. 

‍In Germany, where he currently resides, Torben has built an outstanding reputation through his work in the video game industry. He spent time as a Tech Lead, over ten years in web development and over eight years in mobile/browser/social game development, in which he has built over a dozen online platforms with international game developers like Bigpoint GmbH, Ubisoft and Frozen Donkey GmbH.

‍As he describes it, Torben builds high scalability mobile/browser platforms from the ground up combining both old and new technology. Torben is a critical addition to the StrongArm family. As we look to continue evolving our safety technology and pioneer what the future of work can look like, Torben’s expertise will be essential.

‍To help you get to know him better, we asked Torben a few questions.

What interests you about StrongArm and what are you most excited about?

‍I’m excited about the challenge that StrongArm presents. It’s a real challenge, I would say, moving this company from a small, startup-type company to a larger, engineering and development-focused company. I think that’s a good challenge. 

What did you do before StrongArm? What are you most proud of accomplishing?

‍Before StrongArm, I worked a lot in the video game industry as a developer. I worked for Ubisoft a lot, and for other gaming companies as a technical consultant. 

‍My MobyGames profile (like an IMDb for video games) lists a number of games I’ve been involved with. There are, I believe, 14 AAA games (games that boast a high budget for production and marketing) that I’m listed as a developer for.

‍My favorite project that I worked on was Rainbow Six Siege. I worked on the ecommerce team and built the first secondary store for weapon skins and stuff like that.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

‍Tough question. I don’t have many hobbies. I guess playing video games. I enjoy city building games, and games where you have to build and grow settlements.

‍I also have a vast Lego collection. When I was a kid, I used to dream of having all of the Legos I would see on the shelf, so as soon as I had enough money, I started collecting them. My Lego room is insane. I don’t build many of them right now because I don’t have the time, but I will one day.

‍Before covid, I also traveled a lot. For work and for pleasure, but mostly for pleasure. I’ve been to Asia, America, Europe … obviously. It’s fun. Hong Kong was definitely a unique experience. South Korea was a lot of fun. Also Canada is very nice for its nature.

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