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Breaking Down the SafeWork System Activation Program

Committing to a comprehensive safety solution can be a big step for an organization. Even when leadership is aligned behind a technology-driven safety initiative, questions often still hang in the air. 

‍How will this tech fit into my facility? How will my employees react and adapt to this? How will I know that this is working and worth my investment? 

‍The right safety program is a commitment — time, energy and capital all factor in. And while the potential injury savings far outweigh the upfront spend, getting started can feel like a daunting proposition. 

‍That’s why we developed the SafeWork Activation Program. 

‍The SafeWork Activation Program is designed to prove how easy it can be to deploy our Flex sensors across your Industrial Athletes — and how effective real-time feedback and data benchmarking can be in preventing costly injuries before they happen. 

‍For just one day, we bring our pioneering workplace safety solution directly to you, with little disruption to your typical routine. Workers get a chance to wear the sensors and experience the real-time safety alerts, and management receives an actionable report at the end of the day showing intervention opportunities to optimize performance.

What to Expect

The day begins with a brief explanation to the team about the sensors, the data they collect and how they work. Our time in your facility is meant to be collaborative and informative without being intrusive.

‍An experienced StrongArm Activation Team — typically involving an implementation lead, risk consultant, and data tactician — will visit your site to demonstrate the ease of setting up the SafeWork System and how seamless it will begin to capture real-world data from your facility and Industrial Athletes. 

‍Our team will continue to consult management throughout the day on sensor feedback, safety analytics, tips for deployment and technical implementation to answer any questions and ensure everything is running smoothly. 

‍Stakeholders will also receive an overview of the SafeWork System and a SafeWork Dashboard Demo, and have the opportunity to engage in a Q&A followed by time dedicated to establishing the program goals.

The SafeWork Activation agenda can be broken down into six distinct steps.

‍Your Industrial Athletes will experience real-time haptic – or vibrational – alerts for risky movements throughout the day. At the end of their shift, they’ll receive initial insights into their individual risk profiles based on the job performed and movements made. The feedback isn’t punitive; it’s corrective and positive — the goal is to alter behavior over time to avoid preventable workplace strain and injury. 

‍Your team will also get a feel for the Smart Dock’s simple touch screen and intuitive interface for quick check-out before each shift and return the sensor on the way out the door. In the meantime, you can begin to map out logistics and technical requirements for full scale deployment. 


The benefits of this approach are clearcut. An Activation Program unlocks the safety and productivity potential of your Industrial Athletes throughout the course of a single shift, revealing the power real-world insights can bring to your facility over time.

The Activation Program is strictly intended to demonstrate the value of the SafeWork System in a more complete format that gives you more confidence in it and exhibits everything it has to offer. This one-day, “pre-bind” pilot includes live demonstrations of our technology and the data it’s capable of gathering so you and your employees can get a feel for how it works and how it fits into your facility before you commit to a long-term deal.

At the trial’s conclusion, you will see real data from your team that highlights risky movements, safety leaders, injury hotspots and more to prove its value towards making your workplace safer.

Activation Report

Following our visit, our team will follow up with an Activation Report – an industry rated consulting report tailored to your organization featuring safety targets, deployment recommendations, initial employee comparisons and industry benchmarking.

‍Through just one day of data, you’ll be able to view time-stamped motion data – such as bend angles, twist and tilt speeds, good and bad bends, lift rates, etc. – to understand the movements, high-risk or otherwise, of different Industrial Athletes and job types. 

‍In the process, you’ll gain insight as well into how Safety Scores compare across individuals and jobs throughout your facility through individual scorecards and peer-to-peer comparison.

‍Lastly, you’ll see how your results compare against industry peers – industry benchmarking –  using StrongArm’s industry-leading data set of over 30 millions hours of real-world industrial safety data.

See why we’re trusted by some of the world’s most iconic companies to keep their Industrial Athletes proud, protected and productive. Sign up for an Activation today and witness how the SafeWork System makes your workplace safer.

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Mike Kyrilis | Sr. Director, Activation

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