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Ep. 3 — The StrongArm Data Flex


This is the third iteration of Data Flex – for the first, head here.

Each week, StrongArm’s Senior Manager, Data, Aoife, will plumb our considerable data depths and pull out one tasty morsel for you to chew on. (Our data team processes more than 2 millions hours of safety data every month, so there’s a lot to choose from.) 

Throw it out during your next Zoom call and watch coworkers’ eyes widen in disbelief. (You’re welcome.) Better yet, consider it an opportunity to evaluate safety in your own workplace. Can anything be improved there? 

Here’s Aoife:

“We see an immediate impact to social distancing behavior after our clients start using the FUSE and its built-in haptic – or vibrational – alert capabilities. Within a few days of use, sometimes even less, we see a significant reduction in proximity alerts and interactions. Minutes matter right now, so we take this pretty seriously.

On average, our clients are able to reduce high risk interactions (two or more people at 6 ft. apart or less) by 71% within the first thirty days, and reduce the number of individuals they come into contact with by more than 50%. This greatly reduces their potential exposure to COVID-19 by using the FUSE technology to enforce safe social distancing practices at work.”

Thoughts? Comments? Just want to talk about data? Give us a shout:

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Alex E. Weaver | Director, Marketing

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