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Introducing the StrongArm Data Flex

Here at StrongArm Tech, we take data very seriously. 

After all, it’s the very lifeblood of our mission: We can’t keep the world’s Industrial Athletes™ safe on the job without actionable insights into their behavior, environments and habits. Predictive workplace risk management  — that is, our ability to provide forward-indicating ergonomic and proximity insights to workers and management — doesn’t happen without the data.

Aoife Duna: Very serious about data. Herself: not so much.

related data — every month.

Helping to lead that charge is Aoife Duna, StrongArm’s Senior Data Manager.

Each week, Aoife will plumb StrongArm’s considerable data depths and pull out one tasty morsel for you to chew on. Throw it out during your next Zoom call and watch coworkers’ eyes widen in disbelief. (You’re welcome.) Better yet, consider it an opportunity to evaluate safety in your own workplace. Can anything be improved there?

Without further ado, here’s Aoife’s StrongArm Data Flex of the week.

“Essential workers have been put to the test as a result of Covid-19 — working  more shifts and longer hours, and being asked to do more than ever before. Anecdotally, this makes sense. But we’ve actually got the data to dig a little deeper and bear that out.

For example, from January to June of 2020 across some of our most prolific manufacturing partners’ warehouses, we saw an 8% increase in overall lifts per day and a 13% spike in pounds moved per day per worker — notably higher than productivity rates we typically expect to see during a traditional peak holiday season.”

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Alex E. Weaver | Director, Marketing

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